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A special welcome to you as a student at FVTC!
I hope that you will find this planner to be a valuable tool as a new
student and something that will serve as a resource throughout
your time with us. The Student Life Department has taken great
care to develop it, sharing important dates in our academic
calendar, a listing of major campus events, as well as key student
policies and resources that the College has available for you.
Please review the enclosed policies so that you fully understand
your responsibilities as a student.
Staff at all of our campuses and regional centers are eager to help
you with questions, information about services or events, or to offer suggestions for ways
to get more involved on campus. There are so many opportunities available in leadership,
service, and engaging in not only the College, but the broader community. Take advantage of
these opportunities to build on your experiences and to grow as an individual.
To learn about ways to get more involved stop by the Student Life Center in Room E137 on
the Appleton campus or the Student Resource Center in Room 135 on the Riverside Campus
in Oshkosh. Regardless of your campus or center location, you can always visit our website,
, send an email to
or call the Student Life office
at 920-735-2545 at any time.
I hope that our paths will cross at some point throughout your educational experience. I look
forward to shaking your hand and presenting your diploma at commencement or another
recognition event in your future. All the best to you this academic year!
Dr. Susan A. May
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