Page 26 - Lakeshore Technical College Student Planner & Handbook 2022-2023
P. 26

It is important that all students enrolled at LTC attend classes regularly to receive the maximum benefit from the educational opportunities provided. Students are expected to abide by the attendance policy established by the instructor as published in the course syllabus.
Students that do not attend class sessions in accordance with the class attendance policy and/or whose irregular attendance is negatively affecting achievement will be entered into LTC’s referral process to develop an appropriate plan for student success.
It is the student’s responsibility to drop a course if they no longer plan to attend. The refund amount will be based on the Refund Policy outlined in this handbook. Students may drop classes via their MyLTC account, in person at the Student Services desk, or in writing to via their official LTC email account. Students are unable to drop classes by telephone.
Students are required to participate in the first class session (or class activity for online classes). Failure to do so could result in the student being dropped from the course, according to the campus no-show policy.
If withdrawn from a class, the student may be eligible to re-enroll in the class if capacity permits.
Two 15-week semesters, and one 8-week summer session are offered. Selected programs are offered at other dates. Fall (December) and spring (May) graduation celebration events are held on campus.
Students may add, transfer, or drop classes without penalty up until the official start of the term via the registration/drop process, either in person or via MyLTC.
Adding Classes:
Once a class has started, division approval is required to register. Approval will be provided via a course add/drop form, which may be obtained from Student Services. The student must register for the class through Student Services.
Dropping Classes:
Student may drop a course at any time in the term either via MyLTC, in person, or in writing via their official LTC email account. Students who drop a class, may be eligible for a refund according to the WTCS Refund Policy. Students are unable to drop courses by telephone. Students who withdraw from a class at the time when more than 60 percent of the class hours had elapsed will receive a grade of WF. Prior to that time, the student will receive a grade of W.
Note: Students are advised to contact their Program Counselor prior to dropping to discuss potential impact on financial aid, refunds, and other educational impacts.
Students are responsible for officially dropping a class or withdrawing from the term. Stopping attendance in class does not constitute officially dropping a class. LTC will only withdraw students from a class if the student initiates a drop as described in the Student Drop Procedure or as the result of a policy violation. Students are unable to drop a class after the class ends.
Students are charged for the class(es) they enrolled in. If students drop a class, they are still responsible for the course fees plus any related material and program fees. Any refund (if applicable) is based on when the drop occurred and how much class meeting time has elapsed. Class fee refunds are issued in accordance with guidelines established by the Wisconsin Technical College System.
Any student not participating on the first day of class (no-show) may be dropped from the class. An attempt will be made to contact the student before dropping them from the class. No-shows will be processed as first day drops and any refunds processed according to WTCS guidelines.

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