Page 210 - Palo Verde College 2018-2019 Student Handbook / Planner
P. 210

Palo Verde College Main Campus Map Legend
1. John O. Crain Student Services Building (CS)
4.Clancy Osborne Physical Education Center (PE)
Assessment Testing Business Services CalWORKs
Counseling Correspondence Education DSPS
Dance Room Gym
Weight Room EDD Office
Financial Aid
Food Service/ The Den
Instruction /Student Services
Admissions and Records
Student Activities Superintendent/President/Foundation Veteran’s Services
Music/Rehearsal Hall
Offices/Civic Center Events Manager Quilting
2. Anthony J. Reale Classroom Lab building (CL)
7. Maintenance and Operations (M/O)
Classrooms Instructors Offices IT Department Labs
Lecture Hall 101
Grounds and Maintenance Services Evacuation safe zones for fire = Buildings =
Parking lots=
3. Lucas Oil Technology Building (TB)
Automotive Trades Building Trades Welding Trades 1(760)921-5500
5. Fine Arts Building (FA)
6. Theater (PA)
Green Room Scene Shop Theater
Handicapped parking =

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