Page 7 - Palo Verde College 2018-2019 Student Handbook / Planner
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Palo Verde College will be known for excellence–educationally, socially, economically and culturally.
Palo Verde College provides opportunities for personal and professional growth to a diverse community of learners in an academic environment committed to student success and equity by supporting student achievement of basic skills, certificate, degree, university transfer, and career goals.
Critical and Creative Thinking
Students will identify problems and collect data in order to analyze, interpret, explain and evaluate texts, ideas, works of art and scientific, technological, and mathematical problems.
Students will communicate effectively and interactively in written, electronic, spoken or signed, and artistic forms.
Community and Global Awareness
Students will understand and empathize with diverse cultural, social, religious and linguistic differences within and across societies.
Personal and Professional Growth and Development
Students will develop personal, educational and career goals that promote self-reliance; lifelong learning; and physical, mental and social well-being.
Information Competency
Students will identify and collect information effectively from a variety of sources and analyze, evaluate and apply information appropriately.
Technological Competency
Students will effectively use contemporary technology relevant to their personal and career choices.

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