Georgia Perimeter College requires that students not attempt to defraud, deceive, or mislead
an instructor in arriving at an honest grade assessment (
Academic Affairs Policy 101
Any attempt to defraud, deceive, or mislead constitutes cheating. Cheating of any kind
may result in a penalty ranging from a grade of zero for the work in question to expulsion
from the college.
The following are examples of cheating unless they have been specifically authorized by
the instructor. This is not an exhaustive list.
A. On tests and quizzes:
1. Looking at or copying from another student’s work.
2. Allowing another student to look at or copy work.
3. Having a copy of the test before actually taking the test.
4. Sharing a calculator.
5. Communicating with anyone except the student’s instructor using any
form of communication including all forms of electronic communication.
6. Accessing unauthorized material whether it be student notes, printed
material, or material accessed electronically or any other way.
B. On homework, papers, and other out-of-class assignments:
1. Copying work or answers from any source.
2. Having a person do another student’s work.
3. Allowing a student to use another student’s work as his or her own.
4. Presenting one student’s work as the work of another.
5. Submitting false results of an experiment, data collection, a computer
program or any other assignment.
6. Plagiarism.
7. Submitting work that has been previously submitted in another course.
C. For late work, tests, or grades:
1. Providing false information or documents in order to be allowed to
make up a missed exam, quiz, class work, or homework.
2. Providing false information or documents in an attempt to obtain a
grade change.
D. While using any GPC computer system or educational system:
1. Logging in with someone else’s identification.
2. Allowing an individual to log in with another student’s identification.
When an instructor believes there has been a violation of the AHP, the student may accept
the instructor’s decision or appeal it to the department chair. If the student chooses, he or
she may appeal the decision of the department chair to the campus academic dean. The
decision of the dean is final. Multiple violations may result in expulsion.
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