their chances of being accepted into the senior institution of their choice. Students with
associate degrees also enhance their employment opportunities after they graduate.
Students who are within a few hours of earning an associate degree but transfer to a
four-year institution before completion may, in many cases, transfer the necessary hours
back to Georgia Perimeter College from the four-year institution and earn the associate
degree. Students should consult the campus Enrollment and Registration Services Office
to explore this option.
The annual formal commencement ceremony is held in May of each year. Students
completing degree requirements at the end of the summer or fall semesters may
participate in the May commencement. 
Graduation Requirements
Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science degrees and
certificates are awarded each semester to those students who meet all graduation
requirements. All students who have earned 30 semester hours are eligible for a
graduation evaluation. Students should complete a graduation application form,
available in the campus Enrollment and Registration Services office or by downloading
the form from the Student Forms page of the GPC website. A separate application must
be submitted for each program of study in which a degree audit is sought and a $25
(non-refundable) graduation application fee is required per application. Students should
apply for graduation by the following graduation deadlines:
Fall Semester
July 1
Spring Semester
November 1
Summer Session
March 1
To graduate, students must do the following:
Successfully complete an approved program of academic work, including the basic
physical education requirement
Earn an overall grade point average of “C” or better in courses presented for
Pass all courses on Area A (Essential Skills) with “C” or better
File an application for graduation with the campus Enrollment and Registration
Services Office by the appropriate deadline
Complete at least 18 semester hours for an associate’s degree or 36 semester hours
for a bachelor’s degree at Georgia Perimeter College and be enrolled during the
semester of graduation
- Students who transfer their final nine semester credit hours for approved courses
back to Georgia Perimeter College to complete their associate degree requirements
can be exempt from the enrollment requirement.
- Transfer students must take 18 hours of courses from Areas A through F in the Core
Curriculum of the associate’s degree they are seeking.
- Transfer students must take 36 semester hours of courses that apply to the
bachelor’s degree they are seeking; a minimum of 18 semester hours must be in
major courses.
Demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of United States and Georgia history and
Constitutions (These requirements can be met by successfully completing Area E in
the program of study.)
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