International Student Admissions and Advising provides comprehensive services to
address the needs of Georgia Perimeter College’s international student population. The
following services are offered through the department:
• Admissions counseling and application processing
• Transfer credit evaluation from colleges and universities outside the United States
• International Student Orientation
• Immigration advisement
• Cultural adjustment support
• Cultural and educational programming for International students
• International Peer Assistant (IPA) Program
• F-1 student workshops
• Non-resident Tuition Fee Waivers
• Petition Reviews for In-State Tuition Classification
Maintaining Student Status
Tips for Success for students in F-1 visa status:
When you enter the United States with an F-1 (student) visa, you agree to follow certain
immigration rules. Violating these rules will put you at risk for deportation and could
affect your ability to re-enter the United States for several years. The following is a list of
the things you must do to remain in legal student status.
1. Maintain full-time student status.
Students in F-1 visa status must maintain full-time status by being
registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours. There are no excused
absences, but you should contact your teacher if you will be absent
and explain why.
F-1 students may count a maximum of 3 credit hours of on-line
classes toward full-time enrollment during the fall and spring
semesters. This means that F-1 students must enroll in a minimum
of 9 credit hours on-campus if they take 3 credit hours on-line.
Do not withdraw from any classes without consulting with an
International Student Advisor if the class withdrawal will put you
below 12 credit hours.
2. Do not take an unauthorized vacation from school. To maintain status, F-1 visa
students must enroll full-time (12 credits) in fall and spring semesters. Summer
term is optional and students may choose to either not take any classes or take
fewer than 12 credit hours during summer semester (unless summer semester
is the first term of enrollment).
3. Do not work without authorization. You are eligible to work on campus
up to twenty hours per week. For everything else, you must get special
authorization from the United States Department of Homeland Security DHS).
Working off-campus without DHS authorization is a violation of your status.
Keep your passport valid at all times. If your passport is going to expire,
contact your home country embassy for renewal information. Please come to
International Student Admissions and Advising if you need information about
contacting your closest embassy or consulate.
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