Keep your I-20 valid at all times. Check the “completion of studies date” in
item #5 on your I-20. If it will expire soon, speak to an advisor at International
Student Admissions and Advising. If you plan to continue your studies, we may
extend your I-20 with a later completion date. I-20 extensions must be done
before the I-20 expiration date is reached. Proof of financial support and a
graduation audit are required for an I-20 extension.
6. Maintain adequate health insurance. The Board of Regents of the University
System of Georgia requires that all F-1 students maintain adequate health
insurance. This is to protect you from the unexpected costs of an accident
or illness. The fee for your health insurance is paid along with your payment
for tuition each semester. If you have other health insurance and you want
to be exempt from the mandatory health insurance policy, please contact
International Student Admissions and Advising for further instructions.
7. Report address and phone number changes to International Student
Admissions and Advising within 10 days.
8. Plan ahead for overseas travel and make the proper preparations. If you will
be traveling outside the United States, please come to International Student
Admissions and Advising at least two weeks before traveling to get your 1-20
and other documents checked. You will need a valid passport, a valid F-1 visa,
and your I-20 form.
Do not worry if your F-1 visa expires. The F-1 visa in your passport is an entry
visa only. Do not worry if it expires while you are in the United States. However,
the next time you travel outside of the United States (except for short trips
to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean) you will need to go to the US embassy
or consulate to get a new F-1 visa. This should be requested in your home
country. Be prepared to show a valid I-20, updated financial documents and
your current GPC transcript to the consular office when requesting a new F-1
visa. As always, we recommend that you visit International Student Admissions
and Advising to have your documents checked before you travel overseas.
10. Adhere to deadlines to transfer to another college, to apply for Optional
Practical Training, or to leave the US once you complete a course of study. See
the International Student Advisor for further details.
11. Get good advice if you have questions. If you have questions about your visa
status, speak with an advisor in International Student Admissions and Advising
for the most accurate and current information about relevant immigration
laws. So, play it safe and ask for advice from the staff in International Student
Admissions and Advising when you need it.
GPC’s Military Outreach Center (MOC) goes above and beyond for military students and
has been named year-after-year by G.I. Jobs Magazine as a Military Friendly School.  This
distinction places GPC in the top 15 percent of schools in the nation, offering military
students the best services, programs, discounts, scholarships, clubs, networking and
staff. The Military Outreach Center provides resources and support services for active
duty military, National Guard & Reserve, veteran students, and spouses and dependents
of veterans.  The MOC actively maintains information regarding campus resources and
referrals to local support services and numerous Veteran Service Organizations.  The MOC
consists of a fully-furnished veteran’s lounge, computer lab, study lab, and a full staff of
advisors who are all veterans.
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