CompleteWithdrawal or Failure of the Semester
Students receiving federal financial aid who formally or informally withdraw/fail to
pass all courses attempted during the semester are subject to the Federal regulations
for calculating the return of federal financial aid as specified in the Higher Education
Amendment of 1998. The calculation determines the amount of federal financial aid that
the student was eligible for at the time of withdrawal. The aid for which a student is not
eligible for will be returned in the following order:
• Unsubsidized Federal Direct loans
• Subsidized Federal Direct loans
• Federal Direct PLUS loans received on behalf of the student
• Federal Pell Grant
• Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
• Other Federal Title IV assistance
The amount of unearned funds that are returned may create a balance due on a student’s
account and require repayment. The office of Student Financial Services notifies the
student if a repayment is due. All students who fail to repay will be reported to the
Department of Education. Failure to repay could result in the loss of future federal financial
aid eligibility at Georgia Perimeter College as well as other institutions of higher education.
Bookstore allowance
A student is eligible for a bookstore allowance if there is a credit remaining from financial
aid after tuition and fees are paid. A bookstore allowance is not additional funds, but is
based on the credit remaining after financial aid is applied to tuition and fees.
• A bookstore allowance is created on the GPC ID (JCARD) to purchase books by the
first day of classes. Students may obtain the bookstore allowance availability dates
on campus, and notices will be sent via the GPC student email.
• The amount of the bookstore allowance is up to, but may not exceed $1000.
• Students may login to the Student Information System (SIS) to view their student
account information at
to determine the amount of the bookstore
• Any unused portion of the bookstore allowance will be refunded to the student
after all bookstore charges are posted and the student remains eligible.
A student is eligible for a financial aid refund if the total financial aid awarded exceeds the
total tuition, fees and other charges. A student may also be eligible for a refund if a credit
exists on his/her account due to other possible changes that may occur on a student’s
account. For additional information please visit
• Financial aid refund: Financial aid is credited electronically to a student’s account
each semester to pay for tuition, fees, and any other charges. Once the student’s
financial aid funds have been released to Georgia Perimeter College, the refund
process occurs.
• The refund process normally occurs at least two weeks after the first day of classes.
Students may obtain the refund availability dates on campus, notices will be sent
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