• BuyBack
Textbook buyback is another customer service your College Bookstore offers to
GPC students year round. This is a great way to make your college experience
. The College Bookstore offers cash back for your textbook at
the end of each term. Although buyback is available year round, you will get
the best value for your textbook at the end of the term.
• Online Solutions
Today’s GPC students are sophisticated consumers who enjoy the ease and
convenience of shopping online as an alternative to the campus store environment.
Efollett.com is available to GPC students for the convenience and flexibility of
ordering textbooks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. GPC students receive the
convenience of on-site service for returns, exchanges, and buybacks. GPC students
can reserve books, pre-pay for pick-up in the College Bookstore or have them shipped
to their home or office.
• Refund Policy
The customer’s satisfaction is our #1 priority! We gladly accept returns of
• Always have your receipt available!
• A non-textbook item is available for return or exchange within 30 days
of the sale with the original receipt, providing the merchandise is in the
original purchased condition.
• Your textbook is available for refund with the original receipt within
seven (7) calendar days from the start of classes or within two (2) days of
purchase thereafter.
• Make sure shrink-wrapped ‘sets’ are returned with all of the enclosures.
• Please be careful before opening shrink-wrapped sets. Many contain
electronic media and are only returnable if it is defective.
• During the summer term, textbook refunds with a receipt will be given
within seven (7) calendar days from the start of classes or within two (2)
days of purchases thereafter.
• Used book buying guide prices are available if your return is outside
these guidelines.
• Textbooks purchased during the last week of classes or during exams are
available for buyback only.
• The following items are not returnable: magazines, newspapers, testing
materials, study guides, and computer products.
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) operates open student computer labs; these
spaces have been branded “jagSPOT’s”. There is a jagSPOT located on each campus
providing students access to many services that support their academic endeavors, thus
student success.
Such services available to students are:
Access to computers to check emails, study, research, write and print papers.  
Specialized media environments that provide students with audio, photo and
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