Official Means of Communication
All students must access their College assigned email account. Notifications such as
financial aid status, registration dates, and payment deadlines will be sent to student
accounts. Students should be aware that certain communications may be time-critical
and that their email account should be checked on a regular basis.
Restricted information will not be sent via email. Restricted information includes FERPA-
protected student education record data, HIPAA protected health information, protected
financial account information, personally identifiable information, Social Security
Numbers, and any information that can be used in identity theft. In order to comply with
legal and regulatory requirements and protect our students’ information, restricted
information must be communicated by a secure GPC-provided system. GPC’s learning
management system, iCollege, is recommended for communicating grades and other
sensitive education records information. The Office of Information Technology can help
determine the best method of sending other restricted information.
Students must use their GPC email accounts when responding to institutional requests.
This ensures blocked or blacklisted senders will not impede the delivery of email
communication from students.
The full student email policy can be reviewed at
Georgia Perimeter College issues Campus Access ID Cards to all students. The use of
these cards will continue to increase as additional services are offered. The Access ID
Card is required for all students, faculty and staff.
Everyone must present an ID card when requested by Public Safety personnel. This
provides a more secure campus environment for everyone at the college.
It is best to obtain a card at registration or orientation, but ID services are available
throughout the semester if a card is lost or damaged. There will be a $10 charge for
replacement cards. The fee can be paid at any Student Accounts Office.
To assist in the successful transition to Georgia Perimeter College, all new students are
required to take part in new student orientation. Orientation takes place in two parts:
an online information session, and an on campus advisement and registration session.
Orientation programming is started online at
, and must
be completed before registration for classes. Transfer students with 30 or more hours
transferred, transient students, and special/degreed students are exempt from the second
on campus advisement and registration session, but may attend them if they so desire.
Vending Services are available on all campuses, in a variety of convenient locations. 
Georgia Perimeter College Vending Services offers a wide array of beverages, snacks, and
other convenience foods.  Vending Services is always ready when you are hungry.  Check
out our well-stocked, easy-to-use machines today. Vending machines accept several
forms of payment - cash, JCard or credit card -depending on the machine.
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