If you violate the policy, you will be punished under the Student Code of Conduct through
the student judicial hearing process. Sanctions may include:
Loss of academic credit.
Suspension or expulsion.
Loss of all financial aid.
Mandated evaluations and treatment.
Community service work.
You have the right to due process when accused of a violation of the Drug and Alcohol Policy.
Group Drug and Alcohol Policy
Any student organization which permits, authorizes, or condones the manufacture,
sale, distribution, possession, serving, consumption, or use of, controlled substances, or
other illegal or dangerous drugs at any affair, function or activity, social or otherwise, on
or off campus, shall have its recognition as a student organization withdrawn and, after
complying with the constitutional requirement of due process and the right of appeal,
shall be expelled from the campus for a minimum of one calendar year from the date of
determination of guilt.
Your student group must follow the Drug Free Campus Policy or your organization shall:
Be expelled from campus.
Be prohibited from using college property or facilities.
Having your group’s lease or rental agreement with the College or the
Board of Regents and the organization terminated.
The Student Drug and Alcohol Policy remains in effect for each individual participating in
a group function.
Criminal Sanctions for Drug and Alcohol Violations
Under the Penal Code of Georgia, it is a crime to possess, manufacture, sell, or distribute
illegal drugs. Penalties may include community service, fines, and imprisonment.
Possession of alcohol by a person under the age of twenty-one, or providing alcohol to
such a person, is prohibited under the Georgia Penal Code and carries up to twelve months
incarceration and a fine of up to one thousand dollars. Driving under the influence of
alcohol or drugs incurs penalties which may include mandatory treatment and education
programs, community service, and fines starting at three hundred dollars, imprisonment
and loss of license. Federal criminal law also prohibits the possession, manufacture, or
distribution of controlled substance.
Provisions and Resources
Substance abuse is dangerous to you, both physically and mentally, and may cause long-
lasting health effects and even death. Impaired skills while under the influence can cause
motor vehicle accidents, falls, fires, and other injuries. Help is available for you if you need
it and seek it. Individuals can receive confidential services from the following resources:
Individual County Board of Health, Mental Health Services
Gwinnett: 770-963-8141
Newton: 770-787-3977
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