submitting the programs, documentation or program results of another
person as your own
obtaining or attempting to obtain unauthorized access to information stored
in electronic form
submitting false results of a program’s output for a class assignment or
falsifying the results of program execution for the purpose of improving a
The Georgia Computer Systems Protection Act outlaws certain accesses, alteration,
damage, or destruction of any computer, computer system, computer network, computer
software program or data. Other laws and regulations specify protection of personal
or otherwise sensitive information. All users of Georgia Perimeter College computing
resources are subject to the terms of applicable laws. It is the responsibility of the
Academic Computing, Administrative Computing, and Network Services departments
to report any violations involving computer systems or networks for which they are
responsible. Examples of behavior disruptive or destructive to computer resources
involve the following:
damaging or stealing college owned equipment or software
unauthorized altering or destruction of college data
causing the display of false system messages
maliciously causing system slow-downs or rendering systems inoperable
gaining or attempting to gain access to accounts or data without proper
introducing viruses or worms into a system
In support of applicable laws and regulations, all users of Georgia Perimeter College
computing resources are required to comply with approved policies in the areas of
computing resources, copyright materials, and information security. Please refer to
for Information
Technology policies, and
html#New600 for Information Security policies. The Georgia Perimeter College
Appropriate Use of IT Resources Policy at
New500/507.pdf defines requirements for acceptable use of computing resources.
Copyright Infringement
Georgia Perimeter College students are required to adhere to copyright laws and
regulations. Most software used on Georgia Perimeter College computers is covered by
copyright, license or non-disclosure agreements. Violation of these agreements puts
Georgia Perimeter College and the individual in jeopardy of civil penalties. Other possible
infringements include illegal copying or distribution of copyrighted digital media, such as
music and videos. Examples of copyright violations include, but are not limited to:
making copies of or distributing copyrighted or licensed software or digital
media without proper authorization
using software in violation of copyright, license or non-disclosure agreements
using college computers for unauthorized private or commercial purposes
Higher Education Opportunity Act
(HEOA) includes provisions to reduce the
illegal downloading and distribution of copyrighted works through peer-to-peer
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