Studentpublicationsandcommunicationsareguaranteedtherights inherent
in the concept of “freedom of the press.” Individual students and student
organizations have the right to publish, distribute, and broadcast material on
the college campus provided that the materials are identified by the name
of the student or student organization. All publications and broadcasts shall
demonstrate responsible journalism, including the avoidance of defamation,
indecency and obscenity, undocumented allegations, and harassment.
Students have the right to form and participate in student organizations that
provide opportunities for educational and social enrichment. All student
organizations registered with the Office of Student Life may meet on college
premises provided that they make reservations in accordance with the
established rules and regulations for room and space reservation. Students
and/or student groups may not make reservations or any contractual
agreements on behalf of the institution.
Student organizations registered with the campus Office of Student Life
have the right to invite any persons of their choosing as speakers on college
premises. The President of the college, the Dean of Student Services or the
Director of Student Life may cancel a speaker’s reservation where there is
a clear and present danger to the orderly operation of the college. Such
cancellation shall be communicated to the sponsoring organization at the
earliest opportunity.
Students have the right to have their academic records kept confidential
subject to existing law. No official records shall be kept which reflect
political activities or beliefs of students. No official records shall be available
to unauthorized persons within the institution, or to any person outside the
institution without the expressed written consent of the student involved,
except under legal compulsion.
Students have the right to due process when accused of any violations
of college regulation or rules of conduct. A student will find adequate
due process accorded through the Student Government Association
Constitution, administrative procedures, and the College Court. This right
shall include the following:
Right to a notice in writing of any charges.
Right to admit the alleged violation, waive a hearing in writing and
accept the college’s action.
Right to admit the alleged violation but request a hearing.
Right to deny the alleged violation and request a hearing.
Right to a hearing before an impartial committee.
Right to appear in person at a hearing or not to appear with
assurance the failure to appear shall not be interpreted as indicative
of guilt.
Right to select an advisor of their choice, in accordance with the
College Court policy, to attend the hearing with them.
Right to call witnesses and present evidence on their behalf.
Right upon request to a list of witnesses whowill appear against them.
Right to confront and cross-examine witnesses and/or accusers
during the hearing.
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