Right to request a copy of any available record or tape recording of
a hearing if the offenses involve possible suspension or expulsion.
Right to appeal to the Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment
Services or his designee, and then to the President of the Collegewhose
decision is final.
The College Court is the designated agency to hear charges regarding alleged
violations of established college codes and policies. Each campus shall have a
college court.
• Student Regulations and Rules of Conduct
It is a basic and fundamental responsibility of a college tomaintain order through
reasonable policies andprocedures.The filingof an application for admission shall
be regarded as evidence of the applicant’s intention to abide by the standards
and regulations of Georgia Perimeter College. Students forfeit their right to
remain enrolled if they fail to comply with such standards and regulations.
The following is a statement of the regulations and responsibilities of students
both as individuals and as groups at Georgia Perimeter College. Additional rules
or regulations may be initiated under established procedures during the year.
Firearms, explosives, fireworks, or weapons of any kind are not to be
brought onto the college premises or to college-sponsored events except
as authorized by the proper officials of the College.
Alcohol and Controlled Substances
The manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, or use of alcoholic
beverages, marijuana, controlled substances, or dangerous drugs on the
campus and at institutionally approved events off campus is prohibited
and subject to criminal prosecution.
Personal Abuse
No person shall threaten or endanger the health or safety of self, faculty,
staff, students or visitors to the College by acts such as, but not limited
to, physical or verbal abuse or intimidation including verbal or written
threats, bullying, harassment and or/coercion of any kind.
Larceny/Property Damage
The taking, damaging, or malicious destruction of property belonging
to the College, visitors, or any member of the College community is
prohibited and subject to criminal prosecution.
Disruptive Conduct
No persons shall assemble on campus for the purpose of creating a riot
or disruptive or disorderly diversion which interferes with the normal
educational processes and operations of the College. This policy shall not
be interpreted as the denial of any student’s right to peaceful assembly.
Behavior that is disruptive or that interferes with teaching, administration,
college activities and the campus learning process is not permitted. Please
refer to Academic Affairs Policy 113 -- Disruptive Student Behavior on page 12.
Gambling on campus premises is prohibited.
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