Noncompliance with an Official Request
No person shall interfere with, fail to cooperate with, or fail to identify
himself or herself to any properly identified Public Safety officer,
administrator or staff person while that person is in the performance of
his or her duties.
Unauthorized Use of Keys and/or Entry
Unauthorized entry into, use, or occupation of college facilities which
are locked, closed to student activities, or otherwise restricted as to use,
or which have not been reserved for use through the proper college
authorities is prohibited and may be subject to criminal prosecution.
Falsification, alteration, fabrication, or misuse of college forms, documents,
records, or identification cards is prohibited. This policy includes any
documents submitted in support of official college purposes.
Student Organizations
The operation on campus of student organizations not properly registered
with and recognized by the Student Life Office is prohibited.
Dissemination of Publications
The dissemination on campus of publications which do not bear the name
of the originator or which are not distributed in accordance with college
rules and regulations is prohibited.
Hazing is not permitted. Hazing violations include, but are not limited to,
abusive (physical or mental) initiation requirements for entrance into a
club or organization.
Unauthorized Use of College Property
Unauthorized use of college property or services is prohibited.
Computer Misuse and Telephone Resources
Students must not violate copyright, license or non-disclosure agreements.
Examples of such violations include but are not limited to, making copies
of copyright or licensed software without proper authorization; using
software in violation of copyright, license or non-disclosure agreements;
using college computers for unauthorized private or commercial purposes.
(Please refer to the Standards of Conduct for Use of GPC Computers policy.)
Appearance and/or dress that is extreme or unusual to the point of
distracting from or being disturbing to the learning environment within
classes or on campus will not be tolerated. In certain technical labs,
student dress is expected to meet all safety codes.
Tobacco Use
The use of tobacco products is prohibited in all buildings of Georgia
Perimeter College.
Postal and Telephone Use
College telephone and postal services are not available for students. The
Office of Public Safety should be contacted (770-274-5511) only in cases
of emergencies which involve the illness or death of a family member.
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