Students accused of Student Conduct Code violations will be given adequate
due process through administrative procedures and the College Court. Violations
will be adjudicated through an administrative hearing with the Dean of Student
Services and/or through a formal hearing via the College Court.
An administrative hearing is a meeting between the accuser, the accused, and
the Dean of Student Services. An administrative hearing is appropriate when all
parties voluntarily agree to engage in an attempt to resolve the complaint. This
may result in sanctioning if needed. If the administrative hearing does not result
in resolution, the case will be forwarded to the College Court for a formal hearing.
• Disciplinary Sanction
Failure by a student to follow prescribed rules of conduct will subject him or her
to disciplinary sanctions by the College Court and/or Dean of Student Services.
Admonition or oral statement to the student who has violated regulations.
Official reprimand, warning, or notice in writing that continuation or
repetition of wrongful conduct may cause more severe action.
Educational sanction including but not limited to public service,
participation in a particular program, receipt of specific instruction, or
completion of a research assignment. The accused shall be responsible for
the payment of any required fees.
Disciplinary probation or exclusion from privileged or extracurricular
Restitutions or reimbursement for damage or loss caused to others.
Suspension or exclusion from classes and other privileges for a definite
period of time which may result in forfeiture of academic credit.
Expulsion or termination of student status in the college community
which may result in forfeiture of academic credit.
Any other sanctions as deemed appropriate by the College Court and/or
the Dean of Student Services. All disciplinary sanctions handed down by
the College Court will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Services and
reported to the Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services.
Except under unusual circumstances (i.e. threat of personal safety or physical
danger), dispositions resulting from administrative hearings will not involve
suspension or exclusion from classes or expulsion or termination of student
status in the college community.
Students under disciplinary suspension, exclusion, or expulsion and termination
are forbidden the use of college facilities during the term of their sanction.
Disciplinary charges against a student or student organization alleging infraction
of the rules and regulations of the college may also subject such student or
student organization to temporary sanctions by the campus Dean of Student
Services, including suspension, pending the final disposition of the case, if the
circumstances indicate that this is necessary to maintain the orderly operation
of the college.
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