accused or accuser upon request.
Request for Postponement
The College Court hearing will be held at the date and time
specified in the written notice unless an official postponement has
been requested and approved in writing by the Dean of Student
If the accused has a serious reason for postponing the hearing, he
or she must notify the Dean of Student Services no later than two
(2) business days prior to the hearing time.
If the accused has not obtained an official postponement and fails
to appear for the hearing, the College Court may decide to conduct
the hearing without the accused and to impose penalties.
D. Hearing Involving Multiple Defendants of Multiple Campuses
Two or more accused students may be required to participate
jointly in a hearing if they are alleged to have participated in the
same incident, act, events, or series of related acts. The regulation(s)
or factual circumstances alleged need not be identical for the
accused in a hearing held jointly.
When students from more than one campus are alleged to have
participated in the same incident, the Deans of Students from those
campuses will determine the location of the court hearing.
Motion for a separate hearing: The accused students may file a
written motion, within
two (2) business days
of notification, with
the Dean of Student Services for a separate hearing, citing specific
reasons why being heard jointly would unfairly prejudice his/
her defense. The motion will be decided by the Dean of Student
E. Summons of Witness
If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a witness will refuse to
appear before the College Court, any party may request the Dean of
Student Services to summon a witness. Failure of a summoned witness to
appear or to submit a written statement may result in disciplinary action.
Attendance at the Hearing:
Members of the College Court
The accused
The accuser
Students, faculty and staff of the College
Both the accuser and the accused are entitled to have an advisor,
who may not actively participate in the dialogue of the hearing
but will be restricted to consulting and advising the accuser and
the accused. Attorneys may not serve as advisors in the college
administrative hearing. Failure to abide by these rules may result in
the advisor’s removal from the hearing. The accused may request
the SGA to appoint an advisor for the accused.
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