Dear Students:
Welcome to the Georgia Perimeter College family! We are so delighted
that you have chosen Georgia Perimeter College, as a first step in
furthering your educational goals.
Our commitment is “Students First.” The College exhibits its commitment
by providing the tools needed to succeed. Our academic programs and
student support services focus on careful assessment of our students’
abilities, achievements, needs, accommodations of special requirements
and resources, and on guidance in the development and realization of
their expectations and goals.
To meet the educational needs of our students, we encourage and
support excellence in teaching, provide a technologically advanced
learning environment and support innovative strategies for responding
to the learning styles of all students. In all of these activities “students
first” remains the priority at GPC.
GPC recognizes that students benefit from a balanced program of
involvement in organizations and activities. GPC is home to numerous
student service and honor clubs and nationally competitive athletic
Again, welcome to the GPC family, and we wish you much success in all
of your educational pursuits.
Robert E. Watts
Interim President
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