HWR is dedicated to seeing students obtain and maintain optimal health and happiness
while attending all Georgia Perimeter College campuses. Our department motto reflects
that belief: Get fit. Stay fit… the game lasts a lifetime!
The Office of Student Life
mission is to promote and provide student learning through
the delivery of
an array
of comprehensive co-curricular programs and activities
intentionally designed to support opportunities and experiences that promote
a diverse community of engaged learners
. The Office of Student life coordinates
professional & leadership development, social, recreational, cultural,
programming, clubs and organizations, community outreach
volunteer services and
advises the Student Government Association (SGA). These program
and initiatives
collectively support the college’s mission to embrace excellence, teamwork and
quality service that link the college’s human capital with our communities to enhance
economic, social and cultural vitality. Students are encouraged to contact the Student
Life Office to obtain information about activities taking place on their campus, leadership
opportunities, and to get information about organizing new student clubs.
Students of Georgia Perimeter College, a multi-campus institution within the University
System of Georgia, do hereby form a more effective and functional student government.
We will foster the spirit of loyalty to the College and spirit of unity among the students,
to encourage individual responsibility. We will work to provide an experience in
democratic living, to provide a means for expression of student needs to strive toward a
closer understanding between the faculty, staff, and students, and to assume the fullest
responsibility and power of self-government consistent with the Constitution, policies of
this College, and the laws of the State of Georgia. We do hereby ordain and establish this
Constitution for a Student Government Association that advocates for the student body
of Georgia Perimeter College.
The Student Government Association is the official voice of the student body, and
shall work with faculty, staff, and administration in efforts of serving the students of
Georgia Perimeter College. The Student Government Association has the authority and
responsibility in participating in the recommendation of Student Activity Fees allocations,
appointing student representatives to college committees, maintaining self-governance,
and working to resolve institutional student issues and concerns.
Each campus unit of Georgia Perimeter College is authorized to elect an individual
campus Student Government Association as indicated in this constitution. Each campus
Student Government Association will participate (periodically) in College-wide meetings
during the fiscal year to discuss and address matters of mutual concern.
The name of this organization shall be the Student Government Association of Georgia
Perimeter College and may hereinafter be referred to as the SGA. The supporting
membership of this organization shall include all students that have enrolled and paid a
student activity fee to the institution of Georgia Perimeter College.
The Student Government Association shall be organized into three branches: Senate,
Executive, and Judicial. All meetings of the Senate Branch, the Executive Branch, and the
Judicial Branch of the SGA shall be conducted on a Georgia Perimeter College campus
or site. The officers of the SGA Executive Branch shall be President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer. The officers of the SGA Senate Branch shall consist of six elected/
appointed Senators and the Vice President. The Judicial Branch hereinafter referred to
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