Poetry & Performance Club
Pre-Dental Club
Pre-Professional Chemistry
Psychology Club
SCALED – Student Committee Advocating
Leadership &
Empowering the Disabled
Science Club
Second Wind
Sigma Alpha Pi
Sigma Kappa Delta
S.O.U.L. Club
SPACE - Student’s Physics/Astronomy
Conceptual Endeavor Club
Spanish Club
STEM Initiative
STAR Leaders
Student Georgia Association of Educators
Student Government Association (SGA)
Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA)
Students Veterans Association
Students with Children
Triangle Club
Vietnamese Club
Student publications offer students the opportunity to showcase their writing and artistic
talents, gain in-depth knowledge of College activities, and learn valuable leadership skills.
The Collegian
, Georgia Perimeter College’s student newspaper, is created,
published, and managed by students from across the College. Students write,
edit, take photographs and contribute artwork. Editors learn to use page design
software to construct pages and to maintain
The Collegian’s
online products.
Students also participate in advertising sales and distribute the newspaper. All
students are eligible to contribute to
The Collegian
; various student leadership
positions receive stipends. Students who are interested in serving on
staff should contact the Student Media Advisor at 678-891-3381.
The Chattahoochee Review, the Polishing Cloth, and Creative License
are three
student-centered publications created and published by students and faculty
at Georgia Perimeter College.
The Review
is a literary journal edited by students
and faculty and distributed internationally; it publishes stories, poems, essays,
and book reviews. Over 4,000 submissions are received each year from across
the United States and from other countries.
The Polishing Cloth
is an annual
publication of essays by GPC students collected from English and writing
classes from all campuses; many instructors use
The Polishing Cloth
in college
writing classes. In addition,
Creative License
is an annual literary magazine
that publishes poetry, prose and photographs by GPC students. It is edited by
faculty members, with students serving as advisory editors.
As an institution of higher education, Georgia Perimeter College seeks to foster a “free
marketplace of ideas”in support of the ideas written in our state and national constitutions.
To that end, Georgia Perimeter College allows the display of non-college publications on
its campuses. The regulations contained herein in no way approve, disapprove, support,
or fail to support the content of the publications included in this policy. The policy simply
assists Georgia Perimeter College in the use and management of college facilities.
An Agreement of Display of Non-College Publications must be on file in the
Office of Student Life at the campus where a publication is to be displayed.
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