Agreements must be renewed annually; however, all agreements may be
cancelled at the discretion of Georgia Perimeter College at any time by giving
two weeks’ notice.
Display locations will be identified by the Office of Student Life on each campus,
and all locations are solely within the discretion of Georgia Perimeter College.
Appropriate display racks, provided by each publication must be used.
Publications that are primarily advertisements are subject to the Georgia
Perimeter College Sales and Solicitation Policy
(Financial and Administrative
Affairs Policy 318)
, consequently, any publications which are deemed by Georgia
Perimeter College to be an advertisement will be removed and the agreement
subject to cancelation.
Each publisher must keep his/her rack clean and in good order, with only
current issues on display.
Georgia Perimeter College display racks (i.e.,
The Collegian
, registration
information, college forms, etc.) may not be used by non-college publications.
Georgia Perimeter College retains the right to modify these regulations and to
take action including, but not limited to:
Removing outdated issues of a publication;
Changing display locations;
Canceling any agreement.
Georgia Perimeter College (“GPC” or “College”) strongly supports the First Amendment
guarantees of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the right to assemble
peaceably (“speech activities”). GPC also recognizes its responsibility to provide a secure
learning environment, which allows members of the community to express their views
in ways that do not disrupt the operation of the College. In establishing this policy, GPC
in no way expresses any viewpoint regarding any issues or ideas voiced as a result of this
policy. Access to free expression areas shall be provided on an equal, viewpoint neutral
This policy applies to students, student organizations, faculty, staff and visitors.
The following provisions shall apply to all speech activities on campus (Student Affairs
Policy 211). In order to balance the rights, health and safety of all members of the GPC
community, the following procedures shall apply to all students, student organizations,
faculty, staff and visitors:
Students, student organizations, faculty and staff may engage in non-
commercial speech activities in the locations designated on each GPC campus
as Free Expression Areas. (A list of the Free Expression Area for each GPC
campus is attached). The sites identified in Attachment A for each campus
are available for speech activities between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Monday
through Friday except when the area has been previously reserved.
Plans for non-commercial speech activities by students, student organizations,
faculty or staff in any other area of the campus or at any other time must be
approved by the Director of Student Life. The request should be submitted
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