any lot NOT designated as Staff/Faculty parking when displaying a valid
parking permit.
** Georgia Perimeter College parking permits are valid for ANY LOT on
weekends and holidays.
Visitor Permits – Visitors, vendors and other special groups may be issued
a Temporary Permit at no charge. Permits may be obtained from the
Public Safety Office during normal business hours. Visitor Permits for
large groups must be ordered seven (7) business days in advance by the
department requesting permits.
Temporary Permits – Students who have not obtained a student ID can
obtain a Temporary Permit from the Public Safety office.
Lost Parking Permits – If a parking permit is lost it must be reported
immediately to the Public Safety office before a new permit will be
issued. A replacement fee of $5.00 will be assessed for lost permits.
Recovered permits must be returned to the Public Safety Administrative
Inoperable Vehicles – Vehicles that are inoperable or are not properly
registered with DMV will be considered abandoned after a period of 10
business days from their date of discovery.  These vehicles may be fined
and/or towed at the owner’s expense.  Inoperable vehicles may not be
stored on campus.
Auto Repair – Auto repair and maintenance of any kind is not permitted
on campus.
Motorcycles – Motorcycles and motorized bicycles (mopeds, motor
scooters, etc.) are subject to all regulations in this code.
i)     Motorcycles must park in normal vehicle parking spaces or
designated motorcycle areas.
ii)    Mopeds that have an engine size of 100cc or less may park in
the bicycle racks.
Bicycles – Bicycles are not required to be registered with Public Safety. 
Bicycles may not be ridden on pedestrian sidewalks. Bicycles
must use roads open to automobile traffic only. Roads closed
to automobiles are for pedestrians only.
Bicycles are to be chained to bicycle racks only. Bicycles
chained to building handrails, etc. are subject to fines and
impoundment by Public Safety.
iii) Public Safety reserves the rights to sell abandoned bicycles
or give them to charity after a 90 day hold from the date of
Article III - Violations and Fines
All warnings and violations are documented in a Driver History.  Repeat
violators are subject to a Repeat Violator fine schedule (see Article IV). 
and subsequent unpaid tickets may result in your car being booted and/or
towed. Student grades, subsequent registration, transcripts and diplomas may
be held until all fines are paid.
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