Vehicle Registration/Permits:
  Permit Not Displayed/Not Registered –
$30.00 Fine:
 All vehicles parked
on Georgia Perimeter College property must be registered with Public
Safety.  Students, staff and faculty must register for a parking permit. 
Visitors and guests must display a temporary parking permit.
Expired Permit –
$30.00 Fine:  
Student permits are valid for one year
and must be renewed prior to expiration. 
Expired Temporary Permit
$30.00 Fine:
Temporary permits are valid
only for a limited period of time as indicated on the permit.
Improper Display
$30.00 Fine: 
All parking permits
displayed on the
rear window in the lower driver side corner
OR on the rear driver side bumper.  Temporary permits must be
displayed on the front dash board.
Restricted Parking:
Posted Reserved Space –
$35.00 Fine: 
Reserved parking by special
permit or permission from Public Safety only.
Posted No Parking
$35.00 Fine: 
No parking or standing.
Posted 15 Minute Zone
$35.00 Fine: 
15 minutes is the maximum
time permitted in temporary loading/unloading zones unless
otherwise specified by posting.
Posted Faculty/Staff Parking
$35.00 Fine:
Faculty staff parking only
from 7a-7p Monday-Friday.
Illegal Parking:
Parking on a Curb –
$40.00 Fine:
Parking on a curb lacking pavement
markings to indicate a designated parking space is prohibited.
Parking on Lawn or Walkway –
$40.00 Fine:  
Parking on sidewalks or
lawns is prohibited.
Blocking a Driveway or Wheelchair Ramp–
$40.00 Fine:  
Vehicles shall
not block driveways or handicap access ramps.
Occupying More Than One Space –
$40.00 Fine:  
Vehicles shall not
occupy more than one designated parking space.
Red Zones/Fire Lanes/Fire Hydrants–
$100.00 Fine:
A vehicle may not
stop or park in a red zone or fire lane, whether the vehicle is attended
or not. Violation of this section is also a violation of Georgia Law.
Violators are subject to a state citation and immediate towing.
Handicapped Parking –
$200.00 Fine: 
Blue handicapped spaces
with a sign posted are for handicapped parking only, including
nights, weekends and holidays. The only vehicles allowed to park in
handicapped spaces are those displaying a special handicap license
plate or placard issued by the DMV.  PERMITS ARE VALID FOR THE
PERSON NAMED ON THE PERMIT ONLY.  College employees may not
park in handicapped zones without proper DMV issued permits.
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