Academic Services is responsible for oversight of academic student support, the Learning
and Tutoring Center and the Learning Resource Center, and has oversight of campus
student and personnel issues related to academics.
GPC Libraries provide reference and instruction services at each campus library, as well as in
classrooms, by phone, email, text, online chat, and social media. The GPC libraries’website
links to our online library catalog (GIL), research guides and multi-format tutorials created
by GPC librarians, and to library hours, contact information, and“how to”sections.  The
libraries’website also links to GALILEO databases, containing thousands of full-text articles,
online books, and videos. Off-campus access to library databases is available to current
GPC students, faculty, and staff. GPC library materials are delivered from one GPC campus
to another usually within two business days.  GPC students and faculty may use any of the
other 31 University of Georgia (USG) libraries in person or borrow books from these libraries
using GIL Express.
GPC Online provides a variety of online courses and, in some disciplines, a fully online
degree.  You can log in at any time – anywhere, and experience the ease and convenience
of iCollege, our online course management tool.  GPC online classes can be taken in
combination with on campus classes.  A number of communication tools enable students
to interact with faculty and classmates. Some online courses may require proctoring; refer
to course notes when registering for online classes for details.
A full array of student services and support is available through the GPC Advising,
Counseling and Retention Services (ACRS) Team. Each semester, the ACRS Team also offers
a schedule of online webinars, workshops and activities to give students the opportunity to
interact with other online students, guest speakers and student support staff.
The tuition rate for online courses is applied separately from tuition for on campus
courses. A student’s residency status has no bearing on the calculation of tuition for
online courses. Go to the college’s web site for up to date tuition information (http:// ).
To find out more about online courses and activities, check the GPC Online website
or call (678) 891-3535.
Faculty and student dramatic and musical performing organizations are open to
participation by all students, faculty and staff from any campus as well as community
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