FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 170

Alma Mater & Fight Song
FIU Alma Mater
We pledge to thee dear F.I.U.,
with voices loud and true.
Alma Mater falter never,
shine forever Gold and Blue.
We fly our banners high,
ev’ry culture we embrace.
All our love and Panther spirit,
young and old we make this place.
We hail together F.I.U.,
ev’ry scholar side-by-side.
And we hail to Alma Mater,
Alma Mater be our guide!
FIU Fight Song
We are the panthers of FIU
the golden panthers of FIU
We will continue to fight
with all of our might
for victory for gold and blue
we stand together and proudly say
our golden panthers go all the way
We’ll always strive for victory
blue-blooded through and through
‘cause we’re F-I-U-
Go F
Go I
Go U
Go F-I-U
Panthers fight!
Panthers fight!
Panthers fight!
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