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Stadium and Tailgating Policies
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be brought
into FIU Stadium. Beer can be purchased at designated
concession stands inside the Stadium. Fans must be 21
years of age or older with a valid I.D. to purchase alcohol.
There is a limit of two beers that may be purchased at a
time (limit of four during the event) and the sale of alcohol
will conclude at the end of the third quarter. Sections 120
and 129 are alcohol free sections and the consuming of
alcoholic beverages is prohibited in these sections.
Alcohol sales are allowed to the general public for outside
events at FIU Stadium and points of sales are located
throughout the stadium concession stands. Must be 21
or older to purchase alcohol with a valid I.D. and there is a
limit of 2 beverages per sale per person.
You may reserve a space in the general tailgating areas,
including the Diamond Lot, Nature Trail and Panther Trail
via the online reservation form found at
Should you prefer not to reserve a space, these lots
will be available for tailgating on game day, but on a
first-come, first-served basis and dependent on lot/trail
Lot 7 (west of the stadium) is reserved for alumni and
spirit group tailgating. Lot 6 (east of the stadium) is
reserved for student tailgating. Tailgating spaces in these
lots must also be reserved in advance, but will also be
available on a first-come, first-served basis should there
be availability on game day.
Personal tents/canopies must be 10 feet x 10 feet
or smaller and are only allowed in reserved/assigned
tailgating locations.
Should you want to reserve a tailgating area that is larger
than a personal canopy, you must contact Parking &
Transportation’s event team at
All garages, as well as Lot 5 (east of the WPAC) are
available for general parking. We strongly encourage
visitors to park in the Blue Garage, Panther Garage, or
Lot 5 as these are the closest to the stadium. However,
tailgating is not permitted in these areas.
VIP & Disabled Parking will continue to be within the
Platinum Lot (lot south of the stadium).
All designated Tailgating Lots and Trails will be accessible
from 8:00 a.m. until two hours following the conclusion of
the game or midnight (whichever comes first).
However, there are specific timelines for each game as
it relates the university’s tailgating and open-container
waiver hours.
For mid-day games (i.e., games starting prior to 4 p.m.),
the university’s open container waiver will be in effect 4
hours prior to game start through the end of tailgating
hours. For evening games (i.e., games starting after 5
p.m.), the university’s open-container waiver will be in
effect 6 hours prior to game start through the end of
tailgating hours.
Tailgating will close down 45 minutes prior to kick-off.
University Police as well as Parking & Transportation
personnel will be walking through all tailgate areas prior
to kick-off to ensure compliance
All general admission gates will open 60 minutes prior to
kickoff for FIU home football games. At the time that the
gates are open to the public, all concession stands will be
operational and all security and ushers will be in place.
The following rules are in effect at all FIU events:
Prohibited Behavior:
Unruly, threatening, or disruptive
behavior such as standing in the aisles, profane and
abusive language, smoking, fighting, throwing objects
and drunkenness will not be tolerated and can result in
ejection, arrest, and/or loss of ticket privileges. Should
you observe any of this disruptive behavior, please
notify your nearest security or law enforcement officer.
Standing on seats/bleachers is strictly prohibited. Artificial
noisemakers are not permitted in FIU Stadium for FIU
Football home games per Conference USA. Such items
will be removed immediately. Signs of a derogatory
nature directed toward individual players, teams, staff,
spectators or game officials are not permitted. Stadium
procedures prohibit fans from entering the field of play
unless they are properly credentialed. Violators are
subject to ejection and/or arrest.
Prohibited Items:
Items prohibited from all FIU Stadium
events include: any outside food/beverages, illegal drugs,
playing balls, umbrellas, pets (except for certified service
dogs for disabled patrons), bottles, cans, flasks, thermoses,
ice bags, ice chests, coolers, picnic baskets, boom boxes,
firearms, incendiary devices (fireworks, smoke bombs,
etc.), artificial noisemakers, musical instruments, flag
poles, confetti, weapons or any item deemed hazardous by
FIU Stadium management personnel.
• Those with illegal drugs or incendiary devices are
subject to ejection and/or arrest.
• Authorities are allowed to inspect patrons, and
their bags, upon entering FIU Stadium for the
purpose of spectator safety.
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