El Camino College Torrance | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 55

MLA Guidelines Cheat Sheet
Place a
at the end of the quotation.
parenthetical reference
is placed after the period.
Joe Starks makes an impression on Janie from the moment he greets her; he is a
“citified, stylish dressed man” the likes of which she has never before laid eyes on
(Hurston 27). Janie is captivated by this man who looks like he belongs to a different
class of people:
His coat was over his arm, but he didn’t need it to represent his clothes. The
shirt with the silk sleeveholders was dazzling enough for the world. He whistled,
mopped his face and walked like he knew where he was going. He was a
seal-brown color but he acted like Mr. Washburn or somebody like that to Janie.
Where would such a man be coming from and where was he going? (27)
MLA Guidelines Cheat Sheet
I...,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54 56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,...192
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