HACC Student Planner 2017-2018 - page 120

Setting Your Goals
Use your planner as a goal journal. It will give you a place to record and analyze your goals.
Remember, a goal is something you want to achieve. Be sure to review the tips on the
previous page as you write your goals.
Weekly goals can be written on your weekly calendar pages and will give you practice in
setting and achieving short-term goals. Long-term goals can be recorded on your monthly
calendar pages.
Your goal should state what you will do, when you will accomplish it, and outline the steps
needed to achieve it.
Make A List Of Your Long-Term Goals.
Consider the long-term goals you would like to accomplish this school year. Remember, a
long-term goal is something you want to achieve at some later date. Be as specific as possible.
Ideas for your goal categories can include your school and personal life.
Examples of long-term goals are writing a paper, passing a class, meeting new friends, and
joining activities you would like to get involved with this school year.
Classroom Goals:
Family Goals:
Goal Planning
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