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 Maricopa County Community College District
For a full listing of Maricopa Community College District administration regulations please see:
2.1 General Regulation
General Statement
Compliance with Policies, Rules and Regulations
Every student is expected to know and comply with all current published policies, rules and regulations as stated in the college catalog, class schedule, and/or student handbook. Documents are available on each college's website. Administrative Regulations are amended, adopted, or deleted as necessary and are subject to a formal approval process.
The Maricopa Community Colleges reserve the right to change, without notice, any materials, information, curriculum, requirements and regulations.
2.2.1 Admission Policy
Persons meeting the admissions criteria may attend any Maricopa Community College of their choice. Falsification of any admission materials or official college records may be cause for denial or cancellation of admission. Exceptions to the admissions policies may be requested through the Admissions and Standards Committee. Admission is determined in accordance with state law (ARS §§15-1805.01 and 15-1821) and regulations of the Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board.
2.2.2-2.2.6 Admission, Registration, Enrollment
More information for these sections may be found at
2.2.7 Student Assessment and Course Placement
The Maricopa Community Colleges are committed to providing students with opportunities for successful academic experiences. Student academic achievement is directly related to the proper initial course placement. Students choosing to enroll will register for the courses indicated by their English, mathematics or reading course placement tests, or in a lower level course. Initial course placement should be discussed with an advisor or counselorwhoisskilledinassessingthestudent'sneedsandfactorsthataffectstudentsuccess. Moreinformation can be found at
2.2.8 Registration
Students must register according to the dates indicated, and in the manner described in the college class schedule. To be eligible for registration, students must have completed the appropriate steps listed under the Admissions section. The college may allow early or priority registration. Tuition and fees must be paid or payment arrangements made by the due date to secure class enrollment. Students may not attend a class for which they are not registered.
Thecollegesreservetherighttoenrollstudentsincourses. Thefinaldecisionforadmissiontoanyclassfor students admitted under section 2 of AR 2.2.1 will be determined by the designated college administrator in consultation with the department chairperson and/or faculty.
2.2.9 Tuition and Fees Policy
Tuition and fees are public monies within the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board under the laws and regulations of the State of Arizona and must be administered by the GoverningBoard. TheGoverningBoardreservestherighttochangetuitionandfeechargeswhennecessary withoutnotice. Allstudentsareclassifiedfortuitionpurposesunderoneofthefollowingresidencyclassifications:
1. MaricopaCountyresident
2. Out-of-Countyresident
3. Out-of-Stateresident(includingF-1non-immigrantstudents)
Residency for tuition purposes is determined in accordance with state law (ARS §§15-1801 et seq.) and regulations oftheMaricopaCommunityCollegesGoverningBoard. AlloftheMaricopaCommunityCollegesaresubjectto the above statutes and regulations. Students who have questions about their residency should contact the Admissions and Records Office/Office of Student Enrollment Services for clarification. More information can be found at

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