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 2.2.10 Refund Policy
Students who officially withdraw from credit classes (in fall, spring, or summer) within the withdrawal deadlines listed below will receive a 100% refund for tuition, class and registration processing fees. Deadlines that fall on a weekend or a college holiday will advance to the next college workday except for classes fewer than 10 calendar days in length or as specified by the college. Calendar days include weekdays and weekends. Refer to individual colleges for withdrawal and refund processes. Never attending is not an allowable refund exemption or an excuse of the debt incurred through registration. More information can be found at
2.2.11 Student Financial Assistance
The Maricopa Community Colleges provide students financial assistance to enable access to higher education. Student financial assistance shall be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need except where funds are specifiedforrecognitionofspecialtalentsandachievements. Additionalproceduralinformationonfinancial assistance is available in Appendix S-5,
2.3.1 Academic Load
Students carrying at least twelve (12) credit hours will be considered full-time students for the fall and spring semesters. Three-quarter-time is 9 - 11.9 credit hours. Half-time is 6 - 8.9 credit hours. Fewer than six (6) credit hoursisconsideredlessthanhalf-time. Academicloadforsummerandspecialtermsmaybedefineddifferently. ContacttheAdmissionsandRecordsOffice/OfficeofStudentEnrollmentServicesforclarification. Asprovidedin the Reduced Course Load administrative regulation, a student may be deemed a full-time student carrying fewer than twelve credit hours pursuant to an accommodation of a disability.
Courses may vary in length, and begin and end throughout the year. A credit hour indicates the value of an academic credit. Standards for the awarding of credit hours may be time based or competency based. To obtain credit,astudentmustbeproperlyregisteredandmustpayfeesforthecourse. Thefallandspringsemestersare typically sixteen (16) weeks in length. Summer sessions are typically five or eight weeks in length.
Students desiring to take more than eighteen (18) credit hours must obtain approval from the designated college official. Ordinarily, only students with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher for the preceding semester or first semester students who were in the upper quarter of their high school graduating class are permitted to carry more than eighteen (18) credit hours.
Students participating in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities or receiving financial assistance may be required to maintain a specified minimum academic load.
Students who are working, have considerable extra-curricular or co-curricular activities, or have been reinstated from academic suspension/probation should plan their academic load accordingly.
Schedule Changes
Students may change their schedule by following the designated procedures at their college of enrollment. It is the student's responsibility to notify the college if he/she will no longer be attending the class (see Appendix S-7 for Withdrawal Procedures).
2.3.2 Attendance
• Only persons who are registered for a class at any of the Maricopa Community Colleges may attend that class. Attendance requirements are determined by the course instructor. Students who do not meet the attendance requirement as determined by the course instructor may be withdrawn.
• Students who fail to attend the first scheduled class meeting, or to contact the instructor regarding absence before the first scheduled class meeting may, at the option of the instructor, be withdrawn.
• At the beginning of each course, each faculty member will provide students with written attendance requirements. It is the student's responsibility to consult with the instructor regarding official or unofficial absences. Absencesbegintoaccumulatewiththefirstscheduledclassmeeting.
• Students bear the responsibility of notifying the Admissions and Records Office/Office of Student Enrollment Services when they discontinue studies in a course or at the college. Please refer to Appendix S-7for Withdrawal Procedures. More information can be found at
1. Official Absences
A. Official absences are those that occur when students are involved in an official activity of the college, i.e., field trips, tournaments, athletic events, and present an official absence excuse form. Absences for such events shall not count against the number of absences allowed by an instructor or department. Students who must miss a class for an official reason must obtain an official absence verification card from the appropriate vice president or designee and present it to the appropriate

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