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480-461-7079 |
The Honors Program at Mesa Community College offers a unique and challenging educational opportunity for our high achieving students. Over 20 Honors-only courses are offered each semester along with the possibility of completing contracts for honors credit in other courses. MCC’s Honors Program provides an opportunity for our students to participate in a challenging environ- ment with small classes, one-on-one mentoring from faculty, and increased interaction with other honors students.
The Honors Program provides funds to help defray the costs of attending college. The Presidents’ Honors Scholarship currently provides funds to cover up to 15 credit hours of tuition per semester to the top 20% of the graduating class from any accredited Maricopa County high school, for up to four consecutive semesters. This is an opportunity for recent high school graduates to make a commitment to their community and their own future. Continuing students can earn entry into the MCC Honors Program and be awarded the Honors Achievement Award with a cumulative districtwide 3.25 GPA and a minimum of 12 credit hours of 100+ classes.
Housing/Living Accommodations
Southern and Dobson: 480-461-7285 | Red Mountain: 480-654-7759
Mesa Community College has no on-campus housing. All housing arrangements are the responsibility of the individual student. The Office of Student Life and Leadership provides a free housing directory of local apartments and also provides a listing of roommates. The Housing Guide and Directory are available only to current Mesa Community College students. To view the Hous- ing Guide, please visit
Students can also view current listings for rentals and roommates posted by other students. Listings are available in the Office of Student Life and Leadership in the Kirk Student Center at the Southern and Dobson location or in the Mesquite Building at the Red Mountain campus.
International Education
480-461-7658 |
The mission of the International Education (IE) Office is to foster global understanding by providing support services and program- ming that enhance the international efforts of Mesa Community College. The IE Office offers services for international students, works with students and faculty to facilitate study abroad programs, works with ESL instructors to support students, and serves as a resource for campus international and intercultural initiatives.
The IE Office provides the following services to all current and prospective international students who need assistance: academic and immigration advising, English as a Second Language courses, health insurance, housing information, on campus employment opportunities, assistance in securing a social security number, filing income tax, and university transfer. The office advises the Asian-Pacific Islander Coalition and organizes cultural activities to enhance cross-cultural understanding among the domestic and international students.
Education abroad programs are developed and led by faculty and provide a great opportunity to learn and travel at the same time. Students can earn transferable college credit while living and experiencing a foreign culture. The Coordinator of the program assists in selecting programs, application processes, scholarship and financial aid, and departure. All programs require applications and have eligibility requirements. For additional information, please call, visit our website, or come to the IE Office.
Learning Enhancement Center (Tutoring and other Academic Support Services) Southern and Dobson: 480-461-7678 |
The Learning Enhancement Center (LEC), located on the first floor of the Paul A. Elsner Library, provides free tutoring in most subjects and other academic support services to help MCC students succeed and excel in their coursework. The Learning Enhance- ment Center provides one-on-one and group tutoring with professional and peer tutors, online tutoring, computer-assisted instruc- tion, and
study groups.
Tutoring is available by appointment or on a drop-in basis at several locations, including the Elsner Library; the Math/CSC Center (MC 104); the Physical Science Center (PS 100); and the PIRC Lab (AD 2). The Academic Skills Center (EF 124) provides tutor- ing and computer-assisted instruction for students taking Communication, English, English as a Second Language, and Reading courses below the 100-level, as well as AAA150 and CPD150 classes. The Math Foundation Center (MS 100) provides tutoring and computer-assisted instruction for students taking mathematics courses up through MAT122. The Math Center (MC 104) pro- vides tutoring for most MCC math offerings as well as computer science (CSC) courses. The Biology Center is located in NU 157.

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