Page 16 - Mesa Community College Student Handbook 2018-2019
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                Learning Enhancement Center at Red Mountain Red Mountain: 480-654-7735 |
On the Red Mountain Campus, the Learning Enhancement Center is located on the first floor of the Desert Willow Building. The Biology Center is located in S154 at the Red Mountain Campus. Evening hours are available at many locations.
Online tutoring through SMARTHINKING is available for MCC students from the LEC website. Tutoring in some subjects is available on a 24/7 basis. Other subjects have scheduled hours.
Students are invited to explore the LEC website and learn more about our services. Hours of operation are posted at each location and on the website. Students who wish to use tutoring services or ask questions about tutoring are welcome to stop by the Learn- ing Enhancement Center.
Library & High Technology Complex
Southern & Dobson: 480-461-7682 | Red Mountain: 480-654-7740
The Paul A. Elsner and Red Mountain libraries support research and learning activities on both campuses by providing full service libraries, computer commons, writing centers, and learning enhancement centers that provide tutoring services.
The library collections include print and electronic resources. Web-based resources include the Online Public Access Catalog, which lists the holdings of all college libraries in the Maricopa Community Colleges District, electronic books, numerous periodi- cal and reference databases, and online reference assistance.
In-house reference services offer individual, personalized assistance, and classroom instruction in library research skills. Faculty librarians are available for consultation during the libraries’ scheduled hours.
(See Public Safety)
Multicultural/ESL Affairs & Student Success Department
480-461-7453 |
The Multicultural Services office works collaboratively with other support services, academic departments, and community groups to provide retention services and programs for historically under-represented groups. The department provides such services as academic advisement, individual education plans, mentoring, leadership training, and cultural events.
   Public Safety Non-Emergency:
Southern and Dobson: 480-461-7046 Red Mountain: 480-461-7046
Southern and Dobson: 480-784-0911 Red Mountain: 480-748-0911
 The Public Safety Department facilitates the college mission of promoting excellence in teaching and learning by providing a safe and secure campus environment. In compliance with federal law, MCC Public Safety compiles and reports annual crime statistics to the US Department of Education. Those statistics are available at any time from our office or may be accessed on our website. Public Safety is staffed by state-accredited police officers and civilian security personnel. The office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All emergency matters should be directed to the Public Safety Department.
Crime or other emergency in progress: Students, employees and others are encouraged to report all criminal activity and emergen- cies occurring on campus. A report may be filed with a campus police officer, appropriate personnel in the Department of Public Safety, or by calling (480) 461-7046. In an emergency situation an immediate notification to Public Safety at (480) 748-0911. Calls to 9-1-1 will be routed to the Mesa Police Department and may delay the response of campus police officers.
The campuses are normally closed between 11PM and 6AM daily. The Public Safety Office should be notified of any planned activity during those hours.
Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited on campus. Prescription marijuana is considered an illegal drug on college cam- puses and anyone possessing marijuana in any form is subject to arrest and Student Code of Conduct sanctions.
Any accidents on campus should be reported to the Public Safety Office. Students can obtain an accident report from the Public Safety Office. MCC assumes no responsibility for damage to a motor vehicle or for any loss while vehicles are parked or operated on or near the campus.

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