Page 153 - Mesa Community College Student Handbook 2018-2019
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 4. Appeal of Sanctions and Consequences for Academic Misconduct.
Students can appeal academic consequences by following the instructional grievance process. (AR 2.3.5; Appendix S-6) Students may appeal disciplinary sanctions as provided in AR 2.5.2. If the student appeals through both processes, the instructional grievance process will be suspended until a final decision is reached in the student discipline procedure. In all cases in which financial aid has been adversely affected by academic consequences or disciplinary sanctions that are the subject of ongoing hearing or appeal proceedings, the student may appeal the financial aid determination on the grounds that a final decision has not been made. In such an event, a final decision on financial aid will not be made until after the final decision on consequences and/or sanctions.
2.3.12 Non-Instructional Complaint Resolution Process
A student who feels that he or she has been treated unfairly or unjustly by any employee with regard to a non- instructional process such as a student or administrative services has the right to file a formal and written complaint according to the approved procedures. See Appendix S-8
2.4.1 General Statement
The Maricopa Community Colleges are dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable and educationally productive environment for students, employees and visitors. More information can be found at
2.4.4 Sexual Harassment Policy for Employees and Students
See the EEO/AA Section of the Administrative Regulations. More
information can be found at
2.4.5 Copyright Act Compliance
Students are expected to comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976 pertaining to photocopying of printed materials, copying of computer software and videotaping. In order to assist students in complying with the Copyright Law, appropriate notices shall be placed on or near all equipment capable of duplicating copyrighted materials. More information can be found at environment
2.4.6 Emissions Control Compliance
Pursuant to ARS §15-1444 C. no vehicle shall be allowed to park in any college parking lot unless it complies with ARS§49-542(theannualvehicleemissionsinspectionprogram). Atthetimeofcourseregistration,everyout-of- county and out-of-state student will be required to sign an affidavit stating that the student's vehicle meets the requirements of ARS §49-542. Vehicles that are not in compliance are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.
2.4.7 Abuse-Free Environment
See also the Auxiliary Services section for Tobacco-Free Environment, the Appendices/Student Section Medical Marijuana Act of the Administrative Regulations and at
1. Substance Abuse/Misuse Statement
Drug abuse and misuse has become a national issue and is receiving national attention, particularly in the academic community. The insidious effects of the abuse of these agents are also felt by all walks of life and economic levels. Therefore, as an education providing institution, we are responsible to provide knowledge and guidelines about prevention, control, and treatment of the abuse/misuse of alcohol, illegal and legal
drug uses and misuses. Annual Acknowledgements for students and employees are provided through the online messaging accounts. Students who experiment with drugs, alcohol, and illegal substances or use them recreationally may develop a pattern of use that leads to abuse and addiction. Maricopa Community Colleges recognized drug and alcohol abuse as an illness and a major health problem as well as a potential safety and security issue. Part of the educational mission of the Maricopa Community Colleges is to educate students about positive self-development, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the health risks associated with substance abuse. This mission closely aligns with the Drug-Free School and Communities Act of 1989, and other relevant substance abuse laws.

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