Page 155 - Mesa Community College Student Handbook 2018-2019
P. 155

 Students with AIDS or a positive HIV antibody test will not be restricted from access to student unions, theaters, cafeterias, snack bars, gymnasiums, swimming pools, recreational facilities, restrooms, or other common areas, as there is not current medical justification for doing so.
Where academically and logistically feasible, students who have medical conditions, including AIDS, may seek accommodation in order to remain enrolled. Medical documentation will be needed to support requests for accommodation through the Office of Disabled Resources and Services or the Office of Vice President of Student Affairs.
The Maricopa Community Colleges acknowledge the importance of privacy considerations with regard to persons with AIDS. The number of people who are aware of the existence and/or identity of students who have AIDS or a positive HIV antibody test should be kept to a minimum. When a student confides in an faculty member, knowledge of the condition should be transmitted to the appropriate vice president or designee who will make the determination if the information should be further disseminated. It should be remembered that mere exposure to the person in a classroom does not constitute a need to know the diagnosis. It is, therefore, unnecessary to document in a student's file the fact that he or she has AIDS unless the information is to be used for accommodation reasons. Sharing confidential information without consent may create legal liability.
Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Disabled Resources and Services and/or the vice president of student affairs or designee for the types of services available in the district or community on matters regarding AIDS or the HIV virus.
2.4.9 Use of College Grounds by Non-MCCCD-Affiliated Users
In contrast to traditional public forums such as a public square, park, or right of way, Maricopa’s campuses are dedicatedbylawtothepurposeofformaleducation. Theyare,andhavebeensincetheircreation,fortheuseand benefit of prospective and enrolled students, the Maricopa employees who serve them, and those who are invited tocampusbymembersoftheCollegecommunitytoattendorparticipateinsponsoredevents. TheMaricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) has a long history of regulating the time, place, and manner in which expressive activities are conducted on campuses, for the purposes of avoiding disruption or interference with its educational activities, and protecting the rights of the members of the campus community and their invited gueststoexpressthemselvesandaccessinformation. Whilemembersofthegeneralcommunityalwayshavebeen welcome to share their ideas with the campus community, they are subject to reasonable, content-neutral regulation of the time, place and manner of the event and to the institution’s mission-based priorities – including but not limited to the need to provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning.
This administrative regulation governs use of the college grounds, defined as the open areas and walkways of the campus by non-MCCCD-affiliated users. Use of college facilities is governed by a separate administrative regulation. Parking lots are not available for events and activities other than those sponsored and authorized by the College president.
Camping is not permitted anywhere on the campuses. Camping is defined as the use of college grounds or facilities for living accommodations or housing purposes such as overnight sleeping or making preparations for overnight sleeping (including the laying down of bedding for the purpose of sleeping), the making of any fire for cooking, lighting or warmth, or the erection or use of tents, motor vehicles, or other structures for living or shelter. These activities constitute camping when it reasonably appears, in light of all the circumstances, the participants conducting these activities intend to use or are using the facilities or grounds for living accommodations or housing, regardless of the duration or other purpose of the use.
Lawful use of college grounds for events or expressive activities by individuals, groups, and organizations may be authorized by college officials when the events and activities are lawful and consistent with the non-profit, educational nature of the campus, authorized and conducted in accordance with MCCCD policies, administrative regulations and priorities, and compliant with reasonable restrictions as to time, place, and manner. The content of the expression will not be a factor in authorizing, locating, or scheduling decisions. However, events and activities will not be permitted to disrupt or obstruct the teaching, research, or administrative functioning of the College by means of physical obstacles and crowds, by the creation of sound or noise that would interfere with teaching, learning, and the conduct of College business, or by any other means. Each College president will designate a Responsible College Official with delegable authority to approve, locate, and schedule use of college grounds.
PermitApplication: Anynon-MCCCD-affiliatedorganization,group,orindividualdesiringtousecampus grounds for an event or activity must submit a request form to the Responsible College Official in advance of the use date.
If the activities proposed in the application are limited to low-impact, non-commercial activities the request form shall be submitted at least two business days in advance of the expected use date. For purposes of this administrative regulation, “low-impact, non-commercial activities” are defined as: (1) activities that do not seek to sell or promote a product or service for direct or indirect financial gain; (2) activities that are limited to gatherings of five people or less at any given time; and (3) activities that do not involve machinery, temporary structures,

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