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 positions beyond a total of ten (10) semesters. Tenure in any combination of officer positions shall be limited to four (4) semesters.
5. Removal from Office
Provisions shall be made in all student governance constitutions for removal for cause of individuals from elected or appointed student governance positions.
6. Remuneration Limitations
A. Student body officers may receive financial support and/or a letter grade in a leadership class during their terms of office as authorized in their respective student governance constitutions. Student body officers (maximum 5) may receive up to twenty (20) hours per week in financial support and/or up to six (6) credit hours in leadership classes per semester. Remuneration shall be for services rendered and not for merely holding the office.
B. For qualifying students, Federal Work Study (FWS) funds may be used in accordance with Federal guidelines.
C. The allowance for awarding honorariums or scholarships for executive student officers is a maximum of $200.00.
D. Compensation may be received for both honorariums/scholarships and college employment in the same semester.
7. Amending Student Constitutions Collegestudentconstitutionsshouldbereviewedannuallybystudentgovernance. Theappropriatevice president or designee of each college shall be responsible for submitting any constitutional changes to the President of the college for transmittal to the Governing Board General Counsel.
8. Student Governance Advisors
College organization advisors will be provided for in each student governance constitutions. Such advisors shall be full-time or part-time employees of the Maricopa Community Colleges. Recommendations for appointment of an advisor may be submitted to the appropriate vice president or college president. Recommendations for dismissal of an advisor with just cause may be submitted to the appropriate vice president or college president.
9. Legal/Fiscal/Financial Matters
Authority and responsibility beyond the scope specifically covered in student policies, or interpretation of such matters within laws, board policies, etc. shall rest with the offices of General Counsel and Chancellor, respectively.
10. Final Authority
In the event of a complete breakdown of the governance body, the college president will serve as the final authority.
2.6 Hazing Prevention Regulation
The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) strives to exceed the changing expectations of our many communities for effective, innovative, student-centered, flexible and lifelong educational opportunities. Our employees are committed to respecting diversity, continuous quality improvement and the efficient use of resources. We are a learning organization guided by our shared values of: education, students, employees, excellence, diversity, honesty and integrity, freedom, fairness, responsibility and public trust.
Central to the vitality and dignity of our community of learners is an environment that produces broadly educated responsiblecitizens,whoarepreparedtoserveandleadinafreesociety. Academicinstruction,co-curricular activities and community involvement come together to meet this goal. All members of the MCCCD community, through the best of their abilities, must be provided the opportunity to contribute in a safe, orderly, civil and positivelearningenvironment. Onefactorthatinhibitstheachievementoftheabovestatedpurposeisthe practice of hazing.
2.7 Sign Language Interpreter
The coordinator of disability services at each college will designate a qualified individual to serve as interpreter coordinator. Any student who is deaf or hard of hearing may request an accommodation by contacting the designated disability services offices at his/her college. More information can be found at:
2.8.1 Eligibility for Accommodations & Required Disability Documentation

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