Page 4 - Mesa Community College Student Handbook 2018-2019
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                Welcome to Mesa Community College!
You’ve made a wise choice for your education and your future. Inclusion, diversity, equity and the success of our students have been paramount at MCC for more than half a century. On our campuses you will find a wealth of support services, engaged faculty, acclaimed academics and leading technology training. Enjoy a true collegiate experience exploring areas of interest, developing leadership abilities, contributing to the community, networking with industry, and learning to flourish in a global community.
Whether you plan to earn an associate’s degree, pursue Career and Technical Program training or prepare to transfer to a university, MCC is here to help. We continue to be a leader in innovative strategies to assist students in fitting college into their lives and completing educational goals. MCC and the League for Innovation in the Community College co-hosted a “Day for Visionaries and Innovators: Constructing a Blueprint for Radical Transformation.” This series is designed to identify solutions and creative approaches to dealing with barriers keeping students from success.
Guided Pathways is one of many transformative initiatives MCC is developing to help you save time and money. Pathways illuminate the most direct routes toward your college and career goals. In addition to enriching available academic and career advising opportunities, the courses needed to complete programs of study are mapped so you will know step-by-step what classes to take and in what order.
Please take advantage of the many free services we offer –tutoring, academic counseling, career exploration, job seeking advice, child care assistance, and more. I urge you to join some of the many clubs, events, and activities at MCC. Engaged students are the most successful.
Do not hesitate to reach out for guidance and help. Our professors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and our small class sizes allow them to give the one-on-one attention that makes all the difference in creating a successful learning environment. From admission to graduation, MCC staff is dedicated to your achievement.
Wishing you all the best on your path toward the future of your dreams.
Sonya Pearson, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs

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