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                                STUDENT SUCCESS & SUPPORT PROGRAM
The Student Success & Support Program (SSSP) is designed to assist students
in planning, selecting, and achieving education goals. Listed below are the basic components of the SSSP partnership shared between the college and the student.
The college provides:
• an admissions application process;
• an orientation to the college’s programs and services;
• an assessment of the student’s English language proficiency, computational skills, goals, learning skills, career aspirations, academic performance, and need for special services;
• counseling and advisement to develop an educational plan and;
• follow-up evaluation of each student’s progress in achieving an educational goal.
The student agrees to:
• express at least a general education goal upon admission;
• declare an education goal before or during the term after which the student completes 30 units;
• attend class;
• work diligently to complete course assignments;
• demonstrate an effort to attain an educational goal and;
• notify a counselor of any specific needs he or she has or of any change in goals.
Students may be exempt from a specific SSSP component for any of the following reasons:
• they have earned a college degree;
• they have been previously served through the matriculation process at Palo Verde College or at another college;
• they will be enrolled in less than six (6) units and do not intend to earn a certificate or degree;
• they will be enrolled for high school credit only.
For more information about the Student Success & Support Program please refer to the College Catalog on our website

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