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                                SSSP Appeals Procedure
A student has the right to challenge or appeal any step in the SSSP. A petition for the waiver of a specific matriculation service or requirement may be filed for any of the following reasons:
Review of Assessment/Placement Decisions The student shall make an appointment to see a counselor to discuss the results of the placement testing. The student has the opportunity to re-test or file a petition to review the assessment decision.
Assessment Retest Policy
• Students who are dissatisfied with their initial English, ESL and/or Mathematics assessment(s) may retest through the assessment center. Students may retest once during the semester at any time after a 14 day waiting period, during which the student has studied adequately to create a reasonable chance that their scores will improve sufficiently.
• Scores from the retest will invalidate previous test results.
• Once a student completes English, ESL or a math course at Palo Verde College the student may not re-take the placement examination for that subject area for placement purposes unless the student took the course for high school credit, in which case the student may retest for initial placement.
• Assessment scores will be valid for a maximum of 24 months
Challenging Prerequisites/Co-requisites
You have the right to challenge all SSSP/matriculation requirements including basic skills placement for any reason indicated on the co/prerequisite challenge form. You may appeal the requirement of a co/prerequisite. The process for challenging any co/prerequisite is spelled out on the green challenge form located in the Student Services office. The form must be signed by an instructor, the Vice President of Instruction, or the Affirmative Action Officer when applicable, and submitted to the Vice President of Student Services with the registration form, and the necessary documentation to support the challenge. In the event
a challenge is denied, the student may submit a petition to the Vice President of Student Services for further consideration by the Petitions Committee. Students may be enrolled in the course pending the outcome of the process. If the challenge is denied, students will be administratively withdrawn from the course, all fees will be refunded, and no drop charges will be made.
Complaint of Unlawful Discrimination
If a student feels that assessment, orientation, counseling, or any other matriculation procedure or service is being applied in a discriminatory manner, a petition may be filed with the Affirmative Action Officer. The student will be notified within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the petition regarding the college’s proposed response to the complaint and any additional steps which may be taken.

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