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                                STUDENT FEES
The Board of Trustees is required to charge each student a state enrollment fee for credit classes. The enrollment fee shall be as specified by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges.
$46 per unit and is payable when the student registers.
(Subject to change without notice) ENROLLMENT FEE REFUNDS
When requested by a student on the appropriate form, a full refund shall be made for the class(es) s/he drops during the first ten (10) days of classes of each semester. No refunds shall be made after the first ten (10) days of classes of each semester, unless the program change is a result of action by the District to cancel or reschedule a class. One day courses and short courses are fully refundable if the student withdraws before the course begins.
BOGW can waive enrollment fees! In order to prevent the enrollment fee from denying access to students who have limited financial resources, the Board of Governors Waiver (BOGW)
is available for financial assistance to offset the enrollment fee (not out-of-state tuition). Application materials and documentation requirements for the program are available in the Financial Aid Office in Student Services.
Eligibility criteria are:
• California resident, and
• A student or student’s family is receiving TANF/CalWORKs, SSI, or General Assistance/ General Relief;
• A student or student’s family is low-income;
• If you do not qualify by either of the previously mentioned methods and you have received your Student Aid Report (SAR), you may be eligible for an awarded BOGW
Loss of BOG Fee Waiver eligibility
• Academic – If a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 for two consecutive primary terms (fall/spring semesters), you may lose your fee waiver eligibility.
• Progress – If the cumulative number of units you complete is not more than 50 percent in two consecutive primary terms (fall/ spring semester), you may be lose your fee waiver
• Students will be notified within 30 days of end of term, loss of eligibility shall become effective at the first registration opportunity.
• See counselor for information on how to appeal BOGW eligibility loss.

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