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                                Transcript Policies
Transcript orders will NOT be processed until all outstanding debts and/or holds are cleared.
If you need a transcript sent after a Grade Change is made, please confirm the grade in Web Advisor before ordering your transcript.
The first two transcripts (lifetime) a student can request are FREE. However, FREE requests are not available through TranscriptPlus®. FREE orders must be done in person at the Admissions & Records counter.
Palo Verde Community College District may impose restrictions on those students and former students who fail to clear district obligations. The restrictions are that students or former students may not receive grades, transcripts, diplomas or other earned certificates, enrollment verification or any other services normally afforded students in good standing. Examples include but are not limited to: returned checks, unpaid loans, and unpaid library fines. An item or service withheld shall be released when the student satisfactorily meets the financial obligation. All checks returned due to insufficient funds are subject to a fee of $25.
The goal of the Associated Student Government (ASG) is to improve and expand services to students. In addition to other privileges, ASG membership entitles you to free or reduced price admission to various activities, and discounts for various food and merchandise
with local merchants. ASG cards may be purchased in the Student Activities Center for a nominal fee.

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