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                                8. Use, possession, distribution, or being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other controlled substances or any poisons while on college property or at any college- sponsored event, California Code of Regulations, Section 41301, and Business and Professions Code, Section 4160;
9. Possession or use of any firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other potentially harmful implements or substances, California Code of Regulations, Section 41301;
10. Obstruction or disruption of the college’s educational process, administrative process, or other college function, California Code of Regulations, Section 41301;
11. Failure to comply with directions of college officials acting in the performance of their duties, including disobedience and defiance of the authority of said officials;
12. Solicitingorassistinganothertodoanyactwhichwouldsubjectastudenttoexpulsion, suspension, probation, or other discipline pursuant to this policy, California Code of Regulations, Section 41301;
13. Hazing, California Education Code, Sections 32051 and 32052;
14. Gambling on college property, Penal Code, Section 330;
15. Reckless driving on college property, Vehicle Code, Sections 360, 670, 23103, and 23104;
16. False accusations or malicious charges against any other student, staff member, or governing board member of the district;
17. Violation of other state, federal, or local statues, or district policies, rules, or regulations while on college property, or in defined college activities elsewhere.
When discussions and other informal methods of resolution between the student and instructor or staff member involved have proven ineffective, the Vice President of Student Services in consultation with that faculty or staff member shall determine within five (5) working days which of the following actions to take.
Hearings are required when a student’s action warrants a recommendation for suspension or expulsion or when a student has received two (2) prior disciplinary actions.
Discipline will be applied when a student is charged with plagiarism, cheating, or disruptive behavior, and the faculty/staff member has reasonable proof or documentation, and/or the student admits said violation. The instructor/staff member will complete the Classroom- Related Discipline Form in duplicate, give a copy to the student, and send the original to the Vice President of Student Services. The instructor may select one or more of the following options:
1. Issue an oral or written notification and warn the student that further acts of this sort will result in additional disciplinary action.

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