Page 42 - Palo Verde College 2018-2019 Student Handbook / Planner
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                                It is the policy of Palo Verde Community College District that students, staff, and visitors, alike, be informed of the specific acts and types of behavior considered unacceptable and prohibited. Such acts or behaviors are regarded as just cause for counseling referrals and disciplinary and/ or criminal charges, when appropriate.
Written documentation pertaining to the disciplinary actions will be kept in a confidential file locked in the office of the Vice President of Student Services.
College students are expected to assume responsibility for personal conduct appropriate to their age and maturity. In all cases, students must respect the authority of the instructors and such regulations as are necessary for the welfare of the college. Students who are unable to assume such responsibility may be subject to disciplinary action.
1. Palo Verde College is obliged to maintain order on campus, to ensure freedom of movement, and to take appropriate action against persons whose conduct is disruptive.
2. Palo Verde College is committed to the maintenance of its students’ constitutional rights in all adopted policies and procedures.
3. Palo Verde College will restrict student conduct if any of the following conditions exist:
a. The benefits gained by the college and/or its students significantly outweigh the subsequent impairment of a student’s constitutional rights of free access to higher education; and
b. The college has no alternatives at its disposal in restricting behaviors which are subversive of the rights referred to above.
4. Palo Verde College views itself as the trustee of its students insofar as the students are involved with educational pursuits under the jurisdiction of the college.
5. Palo Verde College emphasizes the instructional and rehabilitation aspects of disciplinary action; the college will not involve itself in disciplinary action which is only punitive.
6. A student charged with serious misconduct will be given a hearing consistent with procedural due process principles prior to taking any exclusion, suspension, and/or expulsion action. California Education Code, Section 66017.
An exception to this principle will be made by the Superintendent/President (or designee) when a student’s continued presence on campus constitutes a clear and present danger to the student (himself or herself) or to others, college property, or to the orderly conduct of college business.
7. In instances where a student is a minor, by current legal definition, that student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) shall have all of the rights and privileges guaranteed by the California Education Code, Sections 76031 and 76032 in all student disciplinary proceedings involving suspension or expulsion.

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