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                                STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES
You have a responsibility to:
1. Review and consider all information about the college’s programs before enrolling.
2. Complete the financial aid application accurately and submit it on time. Intentional misrepresentation on an application for federal financial aid is a violation of law and a criminal offense subject to penalties.
3. Talk to your high school counselor about the college you are considering. Ask current and former students and speak to local employers about the school.
4. Read and keep copies of all forms and agreements you sign.
5. Respond promptly and return all requested additional documentation, verification, corrections or new information to the appropriate place.
6. Notify the college and lender promptly of changes in your name, permanent mailing address or enrollment status.
7. Know and comply with the deadlines for applications or reapplications for aid, and understand the school’s refund procedures.
8. Repay your student loans, even if you do not complete your education, cannot get a job or are not happy with your education. Some lenders offer incentives if you repay your loans on time.
9. File for a deferment or forbearance or change repayment plans if you are at risk of default.
10. Report in writing all additional financial aid resources you receive to your college financial aid office.
Students who do not attend the first class meeting may be dropped as a “No Show”. Students should not, however, assume they will be dropped. It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from a course through Admissions and Records or on line at PVC Services. Refund and drop deadlines for courses are available from Admissions and Records or can be found in the current course Schedule of Classes.
If a student is unable to attend the first class meeting, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the instructor before that class meeting and request that the seat be held. The instructor is under no obligation to honor this request.
  9- Month Budget
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