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                                FINANCIAL AID REINSTATEMENT
If your eligibility is terminated, you must meet the following requirements in order to re-qualify for the following semester:
1. Enroll in at least six units and
2. Complete 67% of your attempted units 3. Achieve a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.
Reinstatement is not retroactive, and you will not receive aid for any semester that you are ineligible.
Petitions must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office with appropriate documentation or they will be returned to the student unprocessed.
Appeals for reinstatement are granted only if extraordinary circumstances beyond your control and for which you could not plan are documented. Also, there must be evidence you will make satisfactory progress in the future.
You will be advised by mail or email of your results. If the appeal is approved you will be placed on “Probation” status for a specific period of time.
A financial aid probation period allows a student, who does not meet SAP but has successfully petitioned, to continue to receive aid.
An educational plan is required for a student on probation. The educational plan must be developed to ensure that a student will meet SAP.
 Level of Enrollment (Units Attempted)
   1st year
  2nd year
 3rd year
 4th year
 5th year
 6th year
 7th year
  Full Time (24 units)
   16 units
  32 units
 48 units
   64 units
        3⁄4 Time (18 units)
   12 units
  24 units
 36 units
   48 units
  60 units
      1⁄2 Time (12 units)
   8 units
   16 units
  24 units
   32 units
  40 units
 48 units

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