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                                 VOCATIONAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM
 Level of Enrollment (Units Attempted)
 1st year
  2nd year
  3rd year
  4th year
  5th year
  6th year
 7th year
  Full Time (24 units)
   16 units
  32 units
  48 units
  64 units
       3⁄4 Time (18 units)
    12 units
   24 units
   36 units
   48 units
   60 units
       1⁄2 Time (12 units)
 8 units
 16 units
  24 units
 32 units
  40 units
  48 units
A student may be reinstated to “satisfactory” status once their GPA is at least a 2.0, and they have completed the minimum number of semester units for program progress.
In accordance with Higher Education Amendments of 1998 students who receive federal financial assistance and withdraw from all of their classes before completing more than 60% of the semester will be required to return any unearned federal funds. The amount of the return will be calculated on a pro-rated basis. FWS earnings are excluded from the calculation. PVCC uses the aggregate matching method for FSEOG, so only the federal portion of FSEOG will be included in the calculation.
All Calculations are based upon the withdrawal date as determined by the Admissions and Records office. Since PVCC is not required to take attendance, a student’s withdrawal date for the return of Title IV calculation will be:
The midpoint of the semester for students who do not officially withdraw; or,
A report will be run at the end of each semester to determine those students who received all F’s.
The Financial Aid Office will return any funds due from the institution while simultaneously notifying the student of any funds they may owe or offer the student any unearned funds which were not disbursed. This process will occur within a thirty day period. For students who do not officially withdraw, final transcripts will be used to determine the withdrawal date and PVCC will return funds and notify students within 30 days of receipt of final transcripts.The percentage of Title IV aid earned will be calculated by counting the number of days from the beginning of the semester to the withdrawal date and dividing that number by the number
of calendar days in the semester. Once that percentage is determined the Return to Title IV calculation is performed using the districts Colleague program to determine any amount the institution may owe, and/or the student as well as any required offer of a post-withdrawal disbursement. If the student owes any money or if they are entitled to additional funds, the

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