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 tables, chairs, displays or electronic equipment, including amplifiers, or the distribution of food products. For events that are not low-impact, non-commercial activities, the request form shall be submitted at least seven businessdaysbeforetheexpecteduse. TheadditionaladvancetimeisrequiredtoallowtheCollegetoprepare for conditions that may affect the flow of foot traffic, involve signs and displays, create crowds, involve significant numbers of participants, or require the use of significant amounts of space and/or use of equipment and resources. Designated Areas: Because each College has a limited amount of outdoor space, activities and events sponsored by non-MCCCD-affiliated users, including speech and literature distribution, shall be restricted to designated areas. For each College, the Responsible College Official shall establish specific designated areas for suchactivities. AwrittendescriptionoftheseareasshallbemaintainedattheofficeofStudentLifeandLeadership for each College.
Consistent with the goal of providing a healthy, comfortable, and educationally productive environment, the Responsible College Official should attempt to locate the designated areas in prominent locations on campus wherethereisalikelihoodofsignificantpedestriantraffic. Thedesignatedareasshallnotbelocatedinbuilding stairways and entryways, parking lots, or congested areas. The Responsible College Official will make every effort to assign users to their requested space when a specific space is desired. However, in order to ensure the potential success of all scheduled events, the College reserves the right to assign an event or activity to the area the College deems most appropriate in light of the campus capacity, other activities scheduled, and the type of event or activity being planned.
Use Fees and Proof of Insurance: To offset the costs associated with the use of college grounds, non- MCCCD-affiliated users shall be required to pay a fee of $50 per day or $125 per week. In order to protect the health and safety of College students, faculty and staff and to protect MCCCD resources, non-MCCCD-affiliated users shall also be required to provide proof of insurance that indicates at least $1 million in general liability coverage and names the MCCCD as an additional insured for the anticipated use date.
The fee and proof-of-insurance provisions of this Administrative Regulation shall not be applied to low-impact, non-commercialusers. Ausermayrequestdesignationasalow-impact,non-commercialuserfromtheapplicable College’sResponsibleCollegeOfficial. Anyquestionsorcommentsaboutthecriteriaforapprovalordenialof such request shall be directed to the District Ombudsman.
Permits: The approved request form will describe the location of the authorized activity and any other restrictions specific to the event. Violation of the terms of the permit, District policy, administrative regulation or law shall be grounds for immediate revocation of the permit, and the individual violators and their organizations may be banned from the campus.
Priorities and Criteria for Approval of Permits: The content or subject of the proposed expressive activity or event will not affect approval of the application. Availability of space is not guaranteed. Reservations shall be approved on a space-available basis and will be addressed on a first come-first served basis, subject to the following priorities and criteria for the use and scheduling of space on campus grounds:
Scheduling Priorities (in order)
1. The use of facilities and grounds for the operations of the College. For example, there are times when the college is unusually crowded by members of the campus community, such as registration and orientation at the beginning of the semester. Other uses may reasonably be precluded during those times.
2. Activities and events sponsored by the College administration.
3. Activities and events sponsored by MCCCD student organizations or employee groups.
4. Activities of non-MCCCD-affiliated individuals and organizations.
5. Commercial advertising or activities.
1. Capacity of college grounds to accommodate the number of participants at the scheduled time and proposed location.
2. Capacity of College Safety staff to provide security for all events and activities scheduled at the time.
3. Possible interference or conflict with College operations or other scheduled activities and events on the grounds.
4. General feasibility of hosting the event as proposed.
Other Policies: This administrative regulation will be applied in conjunction and coordination with all other MCCCD policies and administrative regulations and College processes and procedures, including but not limited to regulations on facilities use, signage, sales of alcohol and/or food, and solicitation of donations.
Specific procedures on how to implement the Use of College Grounds regulation can be found in Appendix S-15.

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