FlU Student Handbook 2017-2018 - page 155

Policies & Regulations
Susan Himburg, Associate V.P. for Academic Planning and
PC 112, (305) 348-3233
It is University policy that instructors reasonably
accommodate students because of observation of
religious holy days. The student shall be given a
reasonable amount of time to complete coursework and/
or assignments missed during their approved absence.
The approved make-up assignment must be equivalent
in content, type, and grading scale to the missed
coursework and/or assignment.
Because there are some classes and other functions
where attendance may be considered essential, the
following policy is in effect:
1. A student who desires to be excused from class to
observe a holy day of his or her religious faith should
notify all of his or her instructors preferably upon
receipt or access to the syllabus, and no later than
two weeks before the religious holy day.
2. While the student will be held responsible for the
material covered in his or her absence, each student
shall be permitted to a reasonable amount of time to
make up any work missed.
3. No major test, major class event, or major University
activity will be scheduled on a major religious holy
4. If a student feels that an instructor has not complied
with this policy, he/she may file a complaint of
discrimination with the Office of Equal Opportunity
Program and Diversity in accordance with FIU
Regulation 105.
The university subscribes to the statewide articulation
agreement between the state universities and public
colleges in Florida. For a list of individual articulation
agreements, go to:
Students who graduate from an institution within the
Florida College System with an Associate of Arts degree
are guaranteed the following rights under the Statewide
Articulation Agreement:
• Admission to one of the 11 state universities,
except to limited access programs;
• Acceptance of at least 60 semester hours by the
state universities;
• Adherence to the university requirements and
policies, based on the catalog in effect at the time
the student first enters the Florida college, provided
the student maintains continuous enrollment;
• Transfer of equivalent courses under the Statewide
Course Numbering System;
• Acceptance by the state universities of credits
earned in accelerated programs (e.g. Dual
Enrollment, CLEP, Advanced Placement,
International Baccalaureate, and Advanced
International Certificate of Education);
• No additional general education core requirements;
• Advance knowledge of selection criteria for limited
access programs; and
• Equal opportunity with native university students to
enter limited access programs.
Missed Class Related to Authorized University
Students may be asked to represent the university at
authorized university events or activities during the
semester. The participation in such events may interfere
with attendance and completion of course work and/
or assignments in the students’ courses. It is university
policy that instructors must afford students a reasonable
amount of time to complete course work and/or
assignments missed during their approved absence.
The approved make-up assignment must be equivalent
in content, type, and grading scale to the missed
coursework and/or assignment.
The Office of Veterans Affairs assists veterans, their
dependents and spouses who wish to receive their VA
educational benefits at FIU. The Office also provides
personal benefits counseling, fee deferments, tutorial
assistance, and VA work-study positions.
If you are planning to attend the University, please contact
the Veteran and Military Affairs Office prior to the date of
entry to fill out any VA educational related paperwork needed.
Training Status Graduates:
Full-time . . . . . . 9 Credits
¾ time . . . . . . 7 Credits
Half time . . . . . . 5 Credits
Less than half time . . 4 Credits
Training Status Undergraduates:
Full-time . . . . . 12 Credits
¾ time . . . . . . 9 Credits
Half time . . . . . . 6 Credits
Less than half time . . 5 Credits
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