El Camino College Torrance | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 15

What do I do if the class I want to take is closed?
At the time of registration, if a class that you want to sign up for is closed, you may try to
add the class by attending the first time it meets. If there is space available in the class, the
instructor will give you an add slip or a sticker with an add code. Your next step is to take
the add slip to the Student Activities Center the first two weeks of school and for the mid-
term classes to the Admissions Office. If you have a sticker you can complete registration
on your own, unless prerequisite courses (
e.g. A condition of enrollment
that a student is required to meet before enrolling in a course
) have not been met or
cleared. To clear a prerequisite, you must go to the Counseling and Student Success Office
and bring transcripts from an accredited college demonstrating you met the prerequisite
course with a “C” or better grade, and the course(s) are equivalent to ECC courses. You
may also seek the advice of a counselor who may suggest an alternate class and inform you
of other options available to you.
What is GPA?
GPA stands for grade point average. Letter grades are given the following point values:
A = 4 points
B = 3 points
C = 2 points
D = 1 points
F = 0 points
Do I have to repeat a class in which I received a “D,” “F,” or “NC/NP”
There is no general college regulation requiring the repetition of courses in which you
received a substandard grade. However, certain programs of study require a “C” grade in
required courses. If you elect to repeat a class in which you received a “D,” “F,” or
the “new” grade will appear on your permanent record. Though the substandard
grade will not be calculated in your grade point average (GPA), it will not be removed from
your transcript. You are only given two opportunities to repeat the substandard grade.
Please check with out-of-state and private institutions if they acknowledge this ECC policy.
How do I withdraw/drop from a class?
To withdraw from a class, log on to your
account and make sure to print a receipt
for your records. Assistance is available during the first two weeks of school in the
Activities Center. “W’s” will be used as factors for progress probation and dismissal
procedures. Dropping a class before the second week of school will not put a “W” on your
permanent record.
Instructors do not drop
you from a class -- it is the
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