Fox Valley Technical College | 2017-2018 Student Handbook - page 22

Horticulture Club
Roxanne Rusch-Olesen
Phone: 920-993-5134
The Horticulture Club welcomes students associated with horticulture and other related
occupational offerings. The club will extend and enrich the horticulture program and develop
leadership amongst its members.
Hospitality & Culinary Arts
Mike Ciske
Traci Schnabl
Phone: 920-735-5661
Phone: 920-831-4388
The Culinary Arts & Hospitality Club promotes camaraderie and learning in a working
atmosphere. College and community activities allow members to gain experiences in a variety
of food service and hospitality settings. Activities include cooking demonstrations, skills
contests, field trips, competitions, food tastings, fundraisers and community service projects.
The Club welcomes all students that have a desire for professional growth opportunities in
the dynamic food service industry. Meetings are Mondays from 1:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. in The
Culinary Theatre. Bon Appétit!
International Exchange Club
Aaron Gorenc
Rose Zoesch-Weigel
Phone: 920-735-4728
Phone: 920-735-2426
A place to interact with the different cultures of the world. Founded in 2006, this unique
student club serves as a link between international and local students who attend Fox Valley
Technical College in the pursuit of mutual understanding and increased global awareness
at the college and in the community. Meetings are held Mondays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in
G141 throughout the semester. Visit the clubs official Facebook page,
, to learn more and get involved.
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Group
Erica Zakrzewski
Robin Rathsack
Phone: 262-735-4810
Phone: 920-735-2494
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational organization which exists to provide
regular opportunities to study and discuss the Bible, worship and pray in a group setting.
In addition, we seek to provide opportunities for fellowship, learning, encouragement and
spiritual development among members. We seek to be a resource to the student body by
offering opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and provide materials in the form of outside
speakers, videos, books and articles for their benefit and consideration.
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